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Hello and thanks for stopping by our hair gallery page. I'm Saleemah Cartwright, co-owner of Hydratherma Naturals. I wanted to share my healthy hair journey with you along with the beautiful healthy hair of our lovely customers. This picture displays my 3 year healthy hair journey. Since then, I've done my 5th big chop. Keeping the hair balanced with moisture and protein is an extremely important aspect in keeping the hair healthy, strengthing the hair, retaining length and preventing breakage. - Saleemah 
I began using hydratherma's hair growth oil & the amino plus protein deep conditioning treatment a few months ago on my texlaxed hair & my daughters natural hair. I absolutely love them both! The protein conditioner keeps our hair strong yet soft & best of all there's been no breakage & less shedding meaning major length retention since incorporating it in our hair regimen! I use the hair growth oil as a pre-poo, for scalp massages, to seal, as a hot oil treatment, etc...I just use it for all things hair! Lol I'm very happy I found hydratherma's naturally made products I'll have the entire line soon!"- Latrice

I loveee these these curls & they aren't going anywhere any time soon. See how I achieved these long lasting curls in my latest video

My favorite product that I can't go without is the daily moisturizing growth lotion and the hair growth oil. I work out every day and when I use these products, my style I literately last three weeks if I wanted. I have been struggling with dandruff since I can't remember but since using these products, I have no trace of dry scalp or dandruff. Thank you for making a wonderful product that he kept me from going back to relaxers and now I am embracing my natural hair!!!! –Sharelle
My favorite product is the daily moisturizing growth lotion. I absolutely love the natural, healthy, paraben free ingredient list and the shine, moisture and softness it gives to my hair. The bonus - the delicious smell! -Brea
By far, my favorite Hydratherma Naturals product is that hair growth oil! Whether wearing my hair curly or blown out, it is sure to always give me a pre-poo hot oil treatment to die for! –Rykesha
I love the protein balance leave in conditioner. It detangled my hair and leaves it very soft! I also love the botanical defining gel. I use it for my rod sets and it holds the curls beautifully. I also use it for twist outs! the daily moisturizing lotion is perfect for when I twist my hair at bedtime. Leaves my hair soft, shiny and moisturized. -Priscilla P.
Hydratherma Naturals has been my staple hair care product line since beginning my natural Journey more than five years ago. The products were great for my kink, coily texture providing great moisture, softness And slip. My favorite products are the Amino Plus protein deep conditioning treatment and theProtein Balance leave in conditioner. With myy color treated coils, these products give me optimal results and keep my hair healthy and beautiful. thanks Hydratherma for helping me maintain lovely-Felicia
The Herbal Gloss Heat Protector is the only product that has allowed me to straighten my hair and not suffer any type of heat damage! Two added bonuses to this product are that it made my hair super soft and it also gave my hair a lot of body!
In 2011 I ended up having to cut all my hair off due to an improper relaxer( so I technically went natural by default). And since practically shaving my head I have grown all of my length back by using your products. My favs are the follicle mist and hair oil and they are my staple products!!!!! Thanks for creating such a great line for women like me. - Melody
I have been using Hydratherma Naturals for about 6 years now, since my first big chop in 08. (I am transitioning/mini chopping again after a texturizer/relaxing downfall last year :( For my dense fine 4c hair, it has been a life saver and definitely aided in my rapid hair growth and recovery. I love the conditioners the most and the oils for my weekly deep condition. It makes detangling so much easier especially to reduce single strand knots.- Abby
What I LOVE about these products?? They leave my hair healthy, strong, manageable and soft!- Lacy
My favorite products are the hair Follicle mist, growth lotion and the best protein balance leave in conditioner. - Saundrea
My favorite product from this line is the Growth Lotion. It keeps my type 4 colored natural hair moisturized. It doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down. I use the growth ol to seal and ny hair stays moisturized for days- Alicia
I love Hydratherma products, because a little goes a long way. My favorites out of the 4 products that I have are the Hair Growth Oil & Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioning Treatment. They both leave my hair SOFT & MANAGEABLE!! I can't wait to try more from this line of hair care products!!- Crystal
I swear by the Moisture Plus Hair Cleanser!!! I've worn my natural hair "naturally" for most of my life, but this product is the BEST I've ever used. Thank the hair Gods for Hydratherma Naturals!- Shy
I absolutely love the daily styling collection! Specifically the growth lotion and the oil. They are a power couple!! They coat and condition my hair so beautifully without creating buildup on my scalp. I have been natural for 7 years, however after heat damage I decided to cut my hair and start over 2 years ago. Today I love my natural texture and I love that there are products that help me along my journey!! I don't use heat on my hair, but I do use the heat protectant gloss spray to protect against the suns uv rays!- Tiffany
My favorite product is the Growth oil it keeps my hair so moisturized & I love the Natural Herbal/ Amino Clairifying Shampoo.. a little bit goes a long way!!! –Cherice
I absolutely love the Herbal Gloss Heat Protector. It keeps my hair smooth, shiny, and frizz free when applying heat. Best heat protector I've ever tried. I love love using the protein leave in, hair growth oil, and hair growth lotion. Both give my hair a shine that I've experienced. Having light colored hair I never had a shine to it. Once I started using Hydratherma Naturals all dryness and dullness disappeared.- Martha
I cut my hair on July 2 and started using Hydratherma Naturals conditioner and a steamer. I like to change up my products with the seasons and to be able to do that within the same product line is awesome. I have highly porous hair so getting the balance of protein and moisture is great. I now have retention. I love the daily hair moisturizer and the gel. – Tomekia
My staple products that I use on a daily basis are the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and Hair Growth Oil. I have also used the Foaming Sea Silk Curly Styler for roller sets or twist outs. I use and alternate between the Amino Protein Deep Conditioner and Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioner. I had the opportunity to use all of these products at different stages of my hair journey. I am currently natural for my 2nd time around; but prior to my second journey, I relaxed my hair and I loved the products just the same. Hydratherma Naturals is definitely for all hair types. My hair is always soft, conditioned, and easy to manage. The only regret is that I did not know about it sooner. – Renee
The clarifying shampoo is the best clarifying shampoo out there! Also the moisture boosting shampoo lathers so well with only a small amount! I can honestly say hydratherma naturals has helped my hair SOOO much it's amazing!" – BH
Hydratherma Naturals is a very sophisticated and well thought out product line. You can tell they really know what ingredients makes hair thrive because it’s all in there! Over the course of time I have been adding more and more items from this line and my hair has responded really well when layering these products. I believe we often mix and match product lines, or don't always use products as directed and become disappointed when they don't work for us. But when you use Hydratherma Naturals products together in the steps that are suggested, it works extremely well. It's like my hair came alive! Our hair needs protein and moisture, and HTN has just the right balance. Our hair needs protein and moisture, and HTN has just the right balance. I use to think my hair was protein sensitive and I avoided proteins like the plague! There is something about the kinds of proteins they are using because my hair is never dry or hard. I am very excited to have the Hydratherma Naturals Product line in my life. I have used countless natural hair care product lines, (so many I have lost count) this line has made my hair more manageable than it's ever been.  – Chandra
My favorite Hydratherma Naturals products are the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and the Hair Growth Oil. I really love both of those products because it makes my hair feel so good, soft and keeps it moisturized, and most of the time I can go days without moisturizing my hair because the lotion and oil is just that good. They’ve also helped with hair growth. I also LOVE the Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment. It always makes my hair so soft and very manageable and I love the way it smells.- Lanise
Hydratherma Naturals products are a God-send! I adore all of the products, but I cannot live without the moisture boost shampoo, the herbal amino clarifying shampoo, the moisture boost deep conditioning treatment, the amino plus deep conditioning treatment, and the hair growth oil. Each week, I am stunned at the small amount of shampoo I have to use to obtain a thick lather--just stunned! I am equally stunned at how quality of my hair has improved--and grown--since I began using Hydratherma Naturals- SD
My favorite HTN products are hands-down the HTN botanical defining gel. That leaves your hair so shiny and silky smooth. I love love love love the amino plus protein deep conditioning treatment. It leaves your hair so soft. The smell is absolutely amazing and delicious! - neoba83
Products used on a regular basis: Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment, Moisture Boosting Shampoo, Herbal Amino Clarifying Shampoo, Follicle Mist, Hair Growth Oil, Growth Lotion, and Protein Balance Leave In Conditioner. Favorite Products: Wow, it's so hard to choose! I'd have to say the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and the Moisture Boosting Shampoo. I'd just like to thank you for creating such an amazing line of products and for helping me achieve beautiful, healthy hair. You have definitely made my healthy hair journey so much simpler.- Betty
I absolutely love the Moisture Boosting Shampoo...a little goes a long way and makes my hair more manageable during the wash phase. The Protein Balance Leave in and the Growth Lotion are great because they are both light and don’t weigh the hair down. These two products together make my hair so soft that I use them twice a day. A friend told me about HTN and she raved about the products so I decided to give it a try. I started with the sample kit and quickly moved on to the full sizes when I discovered these are products that I will NEVER put down!!- Joequetta
I absolutely love the daily styling collection! Specifically the growth lotion and the oil. They are a power couple!! They coat and condition my hair so beautifully without creating buildup on my scalp. – Tiffany
My daily regimen includes: Applying the Protein Balance Leave-in Conditioning Treatment. I follow that with the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion which by the way adds that extra moisture and sheen to my hair each morning and right before I turn in for the evening. I must admit, that it’s my favorite product and it smells like chocolate chip cookie batter. I follow that with the Follicle MIST, and seal it all up with the Hair Growth Oil. I am truly retaining length and can see major hair growth every 90/days. –CW