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Hydratherma Naturals are the best products I have ever used. I have type 3b/3c hair and started using these products after I had relaxed my hair chemically and unfortunately got damaged. Hydratherma helped with my transitioning process and my big chop. My hair is extremely healthy and grows really fast and I can say my hair is already back to its very long length in just 3 years.
London, UK

I've always been interested in trying HTN from watching Saleemah's YouTube videos and once I graduated and started working I eventually bought the Daily Growth Moisturizing Lotion, the Protein Balance Leave-In Conditioner, the Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment, Shampoo Bar, and the Aloe Curl Enhancing Twisting Cream. I strive to support small black-owned companies and Saleema has created an effective product line. I will continue to buy the first two mentioned products as they do a great job moisturizing my hair and they also have a mild scent; many products on the market have a strong lingering scent which I find bothersome. I was hesitant to try the Protein Leave-In since other products with protein leave my hair dry but HTN's leave-in is well balanced and moisturizing. I also enjoy using the shampoo bar to soothe my scalp and clarify my hair. Overall, I'm committed to HTN as my go-to hair care brand!
Tasheena Smith-Wills
Brooklyn, NY

The Hair Growth Plus Vitamins are the best. I have been using them for about 6 months or more and initially noticed my nails are stronger and my eye lashes are longer. My hair feels fuller with less shedding.The Follicle Mist spray just enhance the effects of the vitamins.Thank you for all the wonderful products.
Eunice Fort
Detroit, Michigan

So, I started this new job at the hospital in my area and it was very stressful. I have low iron on top of dealing with the workload that I was given. With that said, my hair fell out very drastically along the edges. So, I bought blood builders by megafoods and then ordered the protein conditioner from hydratherma. Though it has not fully filled in to what I lost, it is off to a good start in a month's time. I normally do not leave reviews but for anyone who is struggling with hair loss, I highly suggest this product line. My only complaint is that I wish that there was a 16oz. or a 32oz. bottle, I have a lot of hair and it would be easier to keep it stocked in my house with a larger bottle.

Ive been using this product for 9 years off and on,. the reason is because I could not afford it, although the product is affordable. I never forgot the first time I used Hydratherma Naturals , my hair was so soft and manageable no shredding. So I always said every year I need more Hydratherma Naturals! until I just decided its best for my hair so its time to sacarfice anything for my hair!
Odell Brown
New Orleans

I must admit I was hesitant about purchasing these products because of the price. In fact, I signed in to my amazon account; selected all of the products (except for the clarifying shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, mousse, and holding gel); added them to my cart; and then saved them for later. I waited about two weeks while I researched and watched every youtube review, read individual store reviews, and read the hydratherma website reviews.While the few reviews I found were positive, most of them were 3-4 years old and I found no youtubers who claimed the products as their HG. I concluded that the purchase price was cost prohibitive for many naturalistas like myself. .However, the advertisement that the products were PH balanced kept nagging at me because I have color treated hair in desperate need of PH protein/moisture balancing. So, I bit the bullet and made my purchase, with the thought in mind that if I liked them and used them up really fast, I would just have to alternate them with some cheaper products.Well, re-purchasing the products will not be a sacrifice. I don't know if my hair will grow beyond my wildest dreams from using the SLS moisture plus sulfate free shampoo,daily hair growth lotion, hair growth oil, amino protein and moisture boosting deep treatments, protein leave-in and aloe curl enhancing twisting cream. But if the way my hair looks and feels after one use is any indication, I am going to have the most beautiful hair in the universe.The products smells absolutely divine!! And from beginning to end they feel even better. I washed with the SLS shampoo, deep conditioned with the moisture boosting deep treatment, sprayed and massaged my scalp with the follicle mist, applied the protein leave-in, aloe curl enhancing cream, daily moisture growth lotion and sealed with the hair growth oil. Surprisingly, I did not have to use a lot of product as I have in the past with other hair care systems. Yet, I ended up with great curl definition and shine that I have been praying for since I became natural in 2011. In addition, my hair is more moisturized than it has ever been. I love these products and will purchase them again and again and again..... My search for my Hoy Grail hair care products has ended!!Up to this point in my natural hair journey I have been using the Camille Rose and As I am products with a modicum of success and chances are I will probably continue to use them off and on. But, I will be completely giving up the few Shea Moisture products I have.I cannot imagine anyone not falling in love with Hydratherma Naturals!!My hair type is 3c/4a fine, medium density, color treated,high porosity.
Pat Nixon 6/10/2017
Florissant, MO

hello my name is Aleshia Horne, today was my wash day! well i just became a member ! my first order was the moisture deep condition. all i can say it do what it says i over love just this already i can only see what the whole line will do to my coils oh yes im stuck no more trying other things thanks to you all for these amazing products you will always have my heart keep up great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to get whole line <3
Aleshia Horne
Hazelhurst Ga

I can't wait to order some more products from your hair line it's been a minute I did order the growth lotion and oil once and I loved it.

Hello all!I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for such great products!A local natural stylist recommended your products in early July and I've been a fan ever since. I'm no longer struggling with dryness and am actually having good retention. Just a quick note of appreciation; keep up the awesome work!
Plano, TX

Greetings HTN fam,I have been a faithful user of HTN products for almost 2 years. I have nothing but great things to say or share. My hair was breaking, shredding, and had bald spots due to chemicals along with medications so I decided to cut it off in July of 2014. A few weeks passed and I am not sure how I found the website, but it has been a blessing! Alright I have tried going back to the relaxer never forget home and I am there with my NATURAL SELF AND LOVE IT!
Kristi Cousins
Birminham, AL

Just wanted to let you know that your Aloe Curl Enhancing Cream is everything!!!!!!! Love love this product!!!

Good morning, I wanted to thank you for all you are doing in the natural hair community. I don't have instagram, but everytime I look at your profile, my goodness, I feel so empowered, and I feel so good about myself and proud of my blue black skin tone. I actually just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with your oils that I purchased during the black friday/cyber monday sale (Impressive delivery time frame if I may say so). My hair feels so supple, and so strong. No other products have made my hair feel this way. I recently had an incident where my hair matted up so bad, I was seconds away from a big chop #2. The only thing that saved me was mental and physical exhaustion that knocked me out instantly. I woke up and I saw scissors next to where I was laying and I looked up to see the oil on my bed stand. I've been using the oil to help me finger detangle for the whole week, and I'm happy to report my hair is happy and soft, pliable and strong.

I am completely satisfied with my order. This is my 2nd order of the Aloe Curl Enhancing Twisting Cream. This product is amazing and regardless of the price, I will continue to order this product for as long as your company produces it. My hair type is close to 3c and this product is #1 in use after I wash my hair. I love it. As with most naturalists, I have so many other wasted products I've tried that didn't work and wasted my money. Your product is the only one by far that I tried the first time and did the job in one step. I didn't need to mix this and add that to get my hair manageable. This made me a customer of your company for life. So, thank you for a job well done and may God continue to bless you and your company in your progress and success.Very respectfully,Mookie

I recently purchase the complete collection set for my wife,as well as the 3month supply Hair vitamins, Hope this get's her of to a healthy start so far she loves it!
Twan Dougkas
Flovilla Ga

I just had to say think you so much. I have been struggling with dry hair since I've been natural for the past 2 years...I used your moisturizer growth lotion and growth oil last night for the first time and I have to say I've never felt my hair so soft!!! Thank you again because I was ready to give up on being natural..I purchase some more of your products this morning can't wait to use them....

I love this Hydrathermal Naturals line of hair products so much that I want to share it with whoever may want to give them a try. You will not regret it! It is a bit pricy but in this case, a little can go a long way. These products always leave my hair moisturized and soft to the touch. I was using this brand when I first went natural but as an inexperienced natural at the time I had become a bit of a product drunky, mixing and matching different products which wasn't doing my hair any justice. At one point, after damaging my hair at a local salon I, thankfully, was able to contact Saleemah, owner of Hydratherma Naturals. I sent her a message on FB and she was kind enough to suggest methods to help cure the disaster. After great results, I really wanted to test the products again to see if I would get more of the same and I must say my hair is coming back to life. It is full of volume again which encourages me to continue taking care of it because the damage from the salon really discouraged me. The Hydrathermal Natural product line has everything you may need for hair and I have learned for the last time to only use the products that work for me.

Dear HTN,I have been using your products in my hair for about 4-5 months now and I can tell you that over the short period of time I have seen my hair be restored to its true natural state. I have been natural for about 5 years. But my hair had been severely damaged from perms and coloring (trying to hide the grey). Well, I gave up the perm first and finally, I gave up the coloring too.My hair was so dry and brittle and to touch it was very strange for me because it did not feel like my hair. I had thought that once my natural hear grew back that my texture would just pop right back with using the same products that I had used when my hair was permed. I soon found out that was not a good idea and so I bent out on a binge to find the right natural hair product for my hair. Well, I can tell you that I have tried several products and each time I kept finding better products from my last purchase. But, deep inside I knew it wasn’t the right product for my hair. I still had this problem with dry and brittle hair.Now that I use HTN, my formally dry and brittle hair have turned into beautiful natural tresses. My hair is soft and very manageable and it reminds me of the hair I had as a child. Thank you so much for creating products that is made for my hair. I love every single product and I enjoy applying them to my hair, because I know what the end results will be…WONDERFUL!Thank you,Rachel

I have been natural for almost ten years now. I have also been hopping around trying just about every product that is made for "natural" care and styling. However, I have not been please with many of the products that I've purchased. My bathroom is filled with partially filled bottles of shampoos, conditioners, gels, lotions and other potions.But now, I can truly say that I have found the product line that I've been searching for and it is Hydra Therma Naturals! I cannot express how pleased I am with this entire product line.I start my regimen with the Herbal Amino Clarifying Shampoo, followed up with the Moisture Booster Shampoo then I alternate the Amino Protein Deep Conditioner and the Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioner each week after washing my beautiful tresses. To enhance my conditioners, I apply the Hair Growth Oil to my conditioner prior to sitting with my cordless heating cap. However, I recently read that "steaming" my hair would reap great benefits too. So I may be using a steam cap soon. Will let you know how that works out too and hopefully soon.Overall, I owe a lot to Hydra Therma Naturals. The products has improved the condition of my hair. Now my hair feels stronger and it looks so healthy and well moisturized. At work the other day, I received so many compliments on my hair and folks asked me what was I using. And I am happy to say that I shared my secret with them, proudly.Thank you so much HTN!
Lady Patrice
Dumfries, VA

I did my BC in April of 2009. It was right before then that I put a texturizer in my long natural hair hoping it would elongate my curls, because I got tired of it shrinking. It totally messed my hair up. I had no curl pattern and my hair went limp and lifeless. It looked like a mop. It was a total disaster!. Before I did my BC, I ordered the HTN complete set so i could have it ready to use after i cut my hair. I immediately started using it as instructed. I shampooed and deep conditioned with HTN clarifying shampoo and moisture boosting shampoo and the deep conditioning treatment every week. These products are amazing!!! My hair started growing and my hair became stronger, more vibrant, and healthier than I could have ever imagined!! HTN was a lifesaver!! My hair grew all the way back out to my regular length, which was 13 inches. My hair has been long all my life and i had never had it cut before, so, I was so terribly horrified to have it cut!!!. But let me tell you, HTN proved to be exactly what it says and more! I love the entire HTN Product line! I continue to use these amazing products to this day! My family and friends love the HTN product line as well!!!!
Barbara M

My testimonial. Kim M, Menifee CA When I first started the program my hair would get dry and hard. Before using this, my hair would feel moist then mid day be dry and by night a Brillo pad. Fast forward 6 weeks using the system as directed and my hair is transformed. I am still seeing improvement with every wash and style. It's been 6 weeks following the instructions faithfully and using no other products. I have the entire set including the foam lotion and the cream. My hair is holding moisture all day no matter what style even with Afro. My hair is shiny healthy and does not break as much when I comb it out. Trim needed in too cause tangles. Tangles are becoming a thing of the past and I wash my hair in the kitchen sink. My hair is 4b mostly and it?Ts about bottom of neck length. Been natural for 1 yr and 3 months. I recommended if your natural and you?Tre having hair issues or want balanced moisture hair. It's right here in this product. So there :-)
Minifee, CA


Hello, My name is Jacqueline and I have been using the hydra-thermal products for five years.I have been natural for about 16 months and have tried numerous products trying to achieve a defined twist out.I recently used the aloe curl enhancing twist out cream. The slip was incredible and it seemed to detangle each section of my hair. It was so concentrated that a little really goes along way.I separated my two stand twists and was so surprised at how defined & soft my twists were. I didn't use any oil to take down the twist and noticed that I had no frizzies!!!I'm so thankful to you for it. I will no longer be using Eco Styling Gel for my twists outs. I love this product and already have my second shipment coming this week. May God continue to bless all your endeavors.Jacqueline

I've only tried the hair growth oil, and within a month have seen growth. I've placed an order for shampoo and conditioner- can't wait to see the new results.
Bedford, Ohio

I've been 100% natural for a lot of years now. In 2009 I put a texturizer in my hair to elongate my hair. That was a big mistake. My hair not only elongated but it totally wiped out my beautiful curl pattern. My hair looked like a mop and I couldn't do a thing with it but wear it in a french roll. I got tired of looking at it and decided to cut it all off. My barber wanted me to wait to get at least 2 inches of new growth before I cut it. Needlessly to say I could only wait to get 1 inch of new growth if that. I ordered a hydratherma naturals haircare product set to have on hand to start using as soon as I cut it. Well, I did the big chop April 9, 2009. I've had long hair all my life and had never cut my hair so this was devastating to me and everyone who knew me. Everyone could not believe I'd cut my hair. My husband was upset with me but I had to do what I had to do! I started using HTN as directed and my hair started growing longer and stronger than its ever been. It had so much vitality, strength and shine. My has never feel like this before!!! As I continued using HTN weekly, my hair grew all the way back out to 13 inches. I continue to use it to this day and it has been a life saver. Im not afraid to cut my hair anymore because I know with HTN it will grow to its fullest! Thanks Saleemah for such a wonderfully amazing product line that really delivers what it promises and more!. Everyone needs to know about this product line!! Barbara MatthewsGary, Indiana
Barbara Matthews
Gary, Indiana

I used to work at this store in Chattanooga and someone bought organic cocoa butter for their hair. I asked them what was a good product to use for dry hair and they referred me to Hydratherma Naturals and my scalp has appreciated this product since i first purchased this awesome stuff! when i'm low its like my scalp KNOWS when i'm low! i didn't have time to order Hydratherma Naturals the month of February so i went to a local hair store and purchased M*** J******* product and it just wasn't as good as Hydratherma Naturals. its about time to re-up ;) thank you Hydratherma Naturals !!!
Devante Morris
Chattanooga, TN