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First off, I want to inform you all that the second testimony from the top of this testimonial page belongs to me. I was so excited as I am now and forgot to leave my name! It was only 5 days that I had been using the entire collection of HTN when I wrote my first testimony, it now has been almost 4 weeks. I just got a relaxer on the 15th of July and after washing out a rollerset, I noticed how full my hair was! I mean, my hair is already thick, but it looked like I added extentions to achieve a fuller look...but it's all mines!! I am in awe looking in the mirror trying to figure out how is this possible. How can my hair look fuller? Where has this “extra” hair come from? I still don't know, but what I do know is that Hydratherma Naturals has transformed my hair completely! My sister came over and she said, “Girl you look like Saleemah.” I said, “I know right, I was saying the same thing!” OMG! I was laughing and jumping up and down, and my hair was bouncing with me!! I was giving God praise at that very moment, because HE allowed me to find Saleemah and her HTN hair collection. I am so glad, so thankful, so blessed because this is something I have always wanted every since I was a little girl! I am so confident that I am going to achieve MAXIMUM results, and have the strength, length, and health that I desire and my hair deserves! Thank you Mrs. Saleemah Cartwright for your obedience, and your faithfulness to what you believe in. I pray for your elevation, and continued anointing over your life and your business! Bless you and your family! My Hair Loves Hydratherma Naturals! Please post this so that everyone who visits this site will know this hair care line is the REAL DEAL!! I know one thing God's Hand is over this business, and this will become a global sensation in the Name of Jesus!
Tericka Wright
Baton Rouge, La.

I love these products. they work really well for me.


It has been 5days since I've been using the entire collection of hydratherma naturals. For some unexplained reason I can't keep my hands off the follicle invigorator!(I go spraying crazy!) My absolute favorite is the daily growth lotion, it's a double-portion of cake batter. After following the instructions included in the package (3wks post relaxer) I wrapped my hair and died it down, the next morning I combed my hair down and I couldn't tell if it was wet or not. I asked my husband to touch and see, he said that it was dry! My hair was so moisturized...this truly is a moisturizing collection. My hair was so infused with moisture and the heat protector had its guard on, the heat from the curling iron wouldn't even penetrate to curl it! It's in a short bob now, but when I begin to rollerset it, it's going to be so beautiful with that “wet look”people are going to think I'm Indian. My hair would break from rubbing it. I would literally have a thin-looking pile of hair after sweeping, now I only have 5-or-so strands of hair in the sink: (yes, I count them) Most of the strands were shedded hair, which is going to come out anyway. Not having hair fall out is unusual for me. I like the moisturizing shampoo. Are you sure it's shampoo? It came out of the bottle like toothpaste. I didn't think something that thick would lather, most shampoos I've used come out like dish liquid, that alone enthused me. It softened my hair. The Amino clarifying shampoo, someone said “it's the truth”. I say it makes your hair tell the truth, where other products mask your hair, the clarifying shampoo reveals your hair for what it is, and the other products work together to begin treating it and nursing it back to health. The clarifying shampoo really cleanses. Not to mention, and this is the hair has grown. Before I go, I want to say that this collections defines the hair, even relaxed hair. I could distinctly see my new growth from the relaxed part of my hair. Thanks Saleemah!

I used it on my daughter's hair and it is growing back I love it! At first it was almost APL but i got it cut to her neck and a few months later it's past her shoulder's again I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been using your product for about 3 weeks now, I love them. I can see the difference in my hair. The breakage has stop and the moisture is there. I'm loving it. I really hate that I didn't buy the complete package at one time because I would have save a lot of money. LOL! I being buying them two by two every week now. But it's worth it. I love the products. I have two more to buy and I will have the complete set. I have to get the Hydratherma Naturals Shampoo & Hydratherma Natural Herbal Gloss Plus the Heating cap also.
Oxford, MS

I have received your products and I am in LOVE!!!!!! My hair is no longer dry, and the effects are amazing! I will be a long time customer!
Wylie, TX

I love this collection from my heart! First of all, the products shipped so fast and arrived two days after shipment! I was in disbelief..never had I had something arrive that early unless it was express shipping but this was standard! Im loving the products..I just recently did my big chop and I know this is going to help my natural hair flourish. After the first use, I knew that this was what my hair needed.. I've been using the growth oil and the lotion everyday and my hair stays smooth and soft..right now Im rockin a TWA and my mini fro looks so healthy! Thank you for these products!
Texarkana, Ar

I love these products. I was trying to get my hair to grow on the sides, so I wrote the seleemah (I hope I spelled her name right.) She told me to try the follicle invigorator and the results 3 weeks later are amazing. I use all the products almost everyday. I only wash my hair once a week. I can't believe its only been three weeks and my hair is already longer. Im natural and I get so many compliments off of how pretty my hair is. Im so glad God is in control because He gives people special gifts. He really gave seleemah a special gift keep up the great work!!!!!
Ree T.
Crystal Springs, MS

My cousin told me about Hydratherma Naturals about two months ago. She's been using the product since her ''big chop'' over a year ago. I finally did my ''big chop'' May 4, 2010. I use Hydratherma Naturals and love it!!! My hair has grown thicker in just one month. I'm so happy my cousin advised my about Hydratherma Naturals. She's hooked to the products and so am I. Thank you for such a wonderful product!!!
Debra H.
Hankamer, TX

I did my big chop in 11/2009. My hair was dry, frizzy and in desperate need for products that was worth every dime of my hard working money. Hydratherma Naturals have been a life saver. I've been using this product since 2/2010 till now 6/2010 and let me tell you. My hair is up to my shoulders and growing faster then i could ever have imagined. I followed all directions,tips and suggestions. Seleemah knows what she's talking about. My hair is so beautiful and hungry for more. I receive nothing but compliments and people can not believe how beautiful natural hair is. I tell them yes it's beautiful but it wouldnt be that great if i didnt have these wonderful products. I use my follicle invigorator, my leave in conditioner, hair lotion, emu oil and my herbal gloss protector everday. And everyday my hair comes out gorgeous. I wont use any other product and i'm completely devoted to hydratherma and as crazy as it sounds. Will spend my last dime on the product. What can i say i'm a hydratherma Natural junkie :)
Skyler F.
Las Vegas, NV

Hey Ladies
This is bananas to me...finally a product that delivers on what it promises. I recently ordered & recieved the HTN products (little slices of heaven in bottles). I was so excited, I tore into the box like a kid on Christmas Day. Using the step by step instruction sheet sent with the products...I was in the shower and could immediately feel the difference and see it too...using Saleemah's shower only shampooing/conditioning advice I had VERY LITTLE hair sheddding and I could feel my hair texture so well. The conditioner (amino/protein) was great, my hair had changed with the use of only 3 products...need I say more! The HTN hair care line smells great and most importasnt it softens your hair and makes it SO much more easier to manage. Look ladies...if you are skeptical about this product, please do yourself a favor and get out of your hair's way, purchase this line it did wonders for my hair and only after one use. Thank you so much Saleemah for putting this haircare line out me and my hair thank you.
Raleigh NC

I have been using your products now for 5 months, and I really love them. I did my transition from a relaxer in November but I didn't purchase your products until December. I use the full line and my hair is growing very well. I thank you for making this product because my hair use to shed alot and was always dry, but not anymore I now have Healthy Hair thanks to you.
Regina W.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

OMG, All of the products are FABULOUS. I have been using hydratherma naturals for 3 months and everywhere I go literally people ask me what products am I using on my hair. Keep up the good work. God Bless!
Salisbury, NC

I've finally found my staple moisturizer and sealant oil. I will never use any other two products again. I will be trying other Hydratherma Naturals products within the next few weeks. I've taken my regimen and stuck to it trying to care for my hair and grow to its potential. I've been good with not cutting my hair, not applying direct heat to my ends, and moisturizing and sealing my hair. I've had barely any breakage, if any at all because I've finally found the moisturizer that keeps my hair moisturized and enables me to retain length. I was a bit skeptical, but I ended up trying Hydratherma Naturals Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion to moisturize my hair once or twice a day and boy did I see a difference in my hair. It is a nice light moisturizer and a little goes a long way, it smells like cake frosting and moisturizes my hair like no other. I love it. I've had it for a few months now and I'm only half way throughe bottle. I also purchased the Hydratherma Naturals Growth Oil to seal with and that does wonders as well. I've also used it as a hot oil treatment and love it! I haven't even made a dent in that bottle. My hair truly loves Hydratherma Naturals :)
Kim P.
Palm Bay, FL

This really works I have been an customer for about an year now and my hair has grown tremendously by ten inches. I promote this to everyone that has been struggling with friends telling them that the products don't work. well it does im a great testimony of it. I buy it at least three to four times an month to give to other friends
Stacy A.
wilmington, nc

I want to thank God for you and your anointing to produce a product that creates hair growth! I have been using your product since February 2010 and it has done wonders for my hair. I have expereinced hair growth and thickness. I had an area in the top of my head that had come out due to ''quick-weaves'' and other unhealthy hair management. I began using your product and you can barely see the ''bald'' area. I use the follicle invigorator, daily growth lotion and the oil and I love them all. I was told about your product through a co-workwr and I push your product to my friends and strangers. I will consistently pray that God continue to bless your business and all that you put your hands to do! By the way, I'm natural!!!
Charlotte, NC

Hi HNP family. I had to give another shout out. I have been using the Hydratherma Products line for 4 months (Feb 2010). I used to suffer from alopecia. The reason I say used to suffer with alopecia because HNP has helped my hair make a huge comeback. **Nothing can cure this condition because its an immune system condition.** (Before I started using the HNP my 1 bald spot had already filled-in) I don't experience dryness, that's a HUGE one. I don't experience shedding. My hair has grown and thickened. Its unbelievable that when I comb my hair during the wet set phase. I DO NOT have any shedding!!!!!! Minimum shedding if any!! My hair has tremendous shine!! Unbelievable! Loving it!! I was lying in my husband's lap and he said your hair feels wet. It was not wet. It's FuLL of moisture!! Soft, Shiny and Feels absolutely Wonderful! Hydratherma Naturals have given my hair a great boost to stay healthy, conditioned and looking absolutely wonderful everyday! Ms Saleema C. I have taken your advise. I am taking better care of my self from the INSIDE (water, diet, spiritual well being). Love you and thank you for all that you do. God Bless!
Charlotte, NC

I ordered hydratherma naturals on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. Very fast! I tried it and I love it! Everything smells great! My hair turned out very soft and moisturized. This is a great product. My hair is naturally curly. I did the bc in April. It always seemed dry, but not now. Great service and great product. Thanks for the blessing!
Thomaston, GA

I just received my order of Hydratherma and I must say that this product line is a miracle! My hair was always dry, brittle and shedding on my clothes. Now it is so soft and shiny and on it's way to a recovery. Thanks for a wonderful product and God Bless.
Cynthia M.
Tacoma, Washington

Well, where to start? First off, I have dry, dry, dry hair due to years of overprocessing and just plain hair ignorance. No product that I tried (before HTN) made my hair retain any moisture, my hair was like a moisture sponge, soft and moisturized one second and bone dry the next. Two days after using the gro lotion my hair was still as soft and moisturized as it was the day i put it in. I am officially hooked and would like to congratulate the makers of these products on a job well done! Finally a product that doesnt evaporate away, I LOVE it and plan on ordering much more. I cant wait to try the follicle invigorator.
Pittsburgh, PA

Well first off I must say thank God for this wonderful woman who came up with this product! I've finally been able to buy something that actually works on like how she says it does! When I first bought it, I immediately noticed the texture of my hair after the first time using it! I was sooooo excited and i cannot wait to see the end result of my hair in the time to come. I cut my hair off in May '09 and kept it cut in a bob for about 3 months and decided to let it grow back out. Well, I started using this product in October and now my hair is half way back to the length it was before I cut it. A couple of my co-workers have noticed the growth and healthiness of my hair and I told them about this product. One of the ladies ordered from here as well as is just as excited as I was when I first used it!!! Hopefully, I will have most if not all of my hair back in about 6 more months!! I am definitely going to be a loyal customer to this product! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!
Rock Hill, SC

I ordered the leave-in and the scalp invigorator, and let me tell you it's only been a little over a week and I know my hair and scalp are loving these awesome products! Thank you so much. The icing on the cake with you is that you are believers in God! That's what made me place my order more than anything. Keep up the good work! Blessings to you!
Tina L.
Dallas, TX

OK' Week _ One is complete. My hair health feels and looks 100% better. I am down to the quick... Well up just a little, however with your products I am sure I will be back with a pretty good length in 3 months... I am going to post the pictures in three months - not brave enough to do it as of to date.
Bentonville, AK

I just wanted to thank you for your website as it is very informative as far as natural hair care. I love the products as they have helped make my hair very soft and moisturized. I can't wait to see the hair growth results I attain with the use of these products.
Ashburn, VA