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I haven't gotten my products yet but, I just wanted to speak about the customer service that HHJ provided. I placed my order and I had forgotten about my credit card...I hadn't activated it yet;but rather than going through an automated voicemail or a machine, I talked to Mrs.Cartwright herself and of course I straightened it out,but I just wanted to comment on the excellent customer service I received from her.
Daysha E.
Jacksonville, FL

I purchased your products but did not begin to use them until a year ago. I was trying to transition from a perm to an all natural state by means of the weave. I could not bring myself to use the products on the weave so I finally abandoned the weave concept and have been extremely happy. I now have a head full of hair with no relaxer and it is healthy and strong. I tried going back to my other products but the changes were evident immediately. I was about to loose my crown completely and now I have hair everywhere.
Charleston, SC

I absolutely LOVE this product SOOOOOO much!!!! I had thin, heat damaged (and perm damaged)hair for the past few years and had just about given up hope of ever having my thick long hair back again. I decided that in January 2009 would be the LAST time I would perm my hair and just hope and pray that it would come back. Well I stumbled upon this site 2 months ago and I was truly amazing! I really felt this product was ''it'' for me! As I literally read each page, my faith and hope was lifted. I got the product 6 weeks ago and my hair is seriously growing!!! And its thickening back up! Saleemah your products are a blessing! Thank you! Thank you so much!! I am forever a loyal customer!!
Towson, MD

Oh my goodness! Where do I begin!!! My daughter has very long,thick and VERY dry naturally curly hair (3b/3b). I have tried EVERY store, salon, and internet only products geared towards curly hair. I've spent a small fortune and nothing worked to give definition and moisture. We had given up on her ever wearing her hair down or even in a curly ponytail. I bought your products several days ago in hopes of just getting the moisture back in her hair no matter what style she wore. After I washed and condititioned her hair I applied the Growth Lotion, french braided her hair and let it air dry. OMG! The next morning I took it down to freshen up the braids and her curls were drop dead gorgeous!!! I let her wear it down to school fully expecting her to come home with a head full of frizz-to my surprise her hair was STILL gorgeous!!!! (we have killer humity here year round) It made it through 3 days with no frizz-a milestone!!!! I remoisturize it every night and her hair looks soooo healthy!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Lafayette, LA

I have been growing my hair out for 2 months now. I was planning on growing it out even more. I got my first relaxer at age 12 and my hair did ok for a while but now i regret it. I have always had long hair but as of 5 days ago...I did my BC. I was super nervous about it but I actually like it. I ordered the styling products and they arrived 2 days later.....super fast! I didnt order the shampoo and conditioner because Im notfonofsulfatesButIhaveonlybeen using the products for 4 days and I absolutley love it. It smells great, a little goes a long way, and it moisterized very well. Im glad that this is the first product I tried so that I woulnt have to be a product junkie just to find what works well for my hair. Thanks so much HHJ
St Louis MO

I must say usually when something sounds too good to be true it is, well that is not the case with htn. I so love this product, it is worth every penny i spend. i started using the products in Jan 2010 when I did my BC, I was afraid of wht my hair would look like bc the texture is 4b/4c, but using the product it instantly became soft and curly, as well as moisturized, I love it. I was also really impressed with the speedy deliver, I orderd on a mon and received the products on wed, now thats service. Ms. Cartwright also responded to my emailing quickly when I had questioned. I am a faithful customer, Thanks and God Bless!
Richmond, VA

I have been using htn for about 3months off and on because most of the time I keep my hair braided.Even with my hair braided I would still use the moisturizer and the follicle invigorator and I have had tremendous growth. I get alot of comments from people about how healthy my hair looks and how it shines it does not have that dry dull look. I am almost out of the moisturizer and the invigorator but I will most defintely be getting it again. I almost forgot to mention how easy it is for me to comb my hair also how curly my hair is when I use htn.I have been natural for about 3 months and htn has made my journey a lot easier. Thanks Saleemah!!!!!!!!
Franklin, VA

Hello I have natural hair that I used to wear very short, as in barber shop short. In Jan 2010, I decided to let my hair grow again. I didn't have the right products and my 4b hair looked dry most of the time. I happen to be searching the internet and came across Saleemah's videos. They were so informative and her hair was so beautiful I just had to order the products. I began using the protein balance leave-in conditioner, hair growth lotion and hair follicle invigorator the first week of Feb 2010. My hair was softer, shinier and curlier after the first use. People at work began noticing the difference in about 2 weeks and wanted to know what I using. I told them and so far two of my co-workers have ordered your products. My mother also ordered them and her natural hair now looks shiny and healthier. It is now March and my hair has grown so much, I am able to cornrow it!! I also began to use the products on my 8 year old daughter's hair. She has eczema and had pulled her hair out in the back when she was much younger. In the span of six weeks, her hair has grown more than it has in the past few years. All thanks to your products! Thank you!
Odenton, MD

Well I must say I been using Hydratherma Naturals for about a year, my products ran out three months ago instead of reordering more I went to my local store and brought Mane 'n tail shampoo product...boy was that a big mistake because my hair and my daugther's hair start to fall out...So I discontinue using that product and explain to my daugther that we will only be using Hydratherma Naturals for now on... Thank you for inventing such a great product. God bless!

I stumbled on your you tube video by accident, but I also know nothing just happens. After reading your reviews and watching your videos, I became very interested in the product. By showing the faith that you have in your products spoke volumes for me. So after I read everything and watched everything, I ordered the entire line. I could not wait to use it. Once I shampooed my hair, I was nervous because it felt dry, then I used the first moisturizer, Oh My Goodness, my hair instantly felt like butter. I then went on to complete the entire process. I blow dryed my hair and it was so soft and straight, I didnt even need to flat iron it. I just wrapped it and I was done. I could not wait until the morning to see the outcome. I took my satin scarf off and the shine was amazing. The softness is just what I was looking for. I applied the gowth lotion and oil to my daughters hair which is extremely dry, and it became so soft! Amazing product. I finally found something I love. Now I can throw all that other product I have in my bathroom away. The imposters, who all claim they have the best product for your hair, not! This is it. I have found it in your hair care products. Thank you so much. Looking forward to getting my hair back to its original lenght. It use to be down my back but has fallen out over the last couple of years. It use to be thick but now is so thin. I am hoping to get my length and thickness back! Thank you again! May God continue to bless you and your product. Thank you for stepping out of the box and excercising your God Given Talent. Blessings unto you always. One Happy Customer.

I must say the Hydratherma Products are absolutely amazing! I saw improvement in my hair after the first use. Now, after a month my husband notice my hair growth. I changed the steps in application. I apply the hair follicle stimulator and growth lotion, hair oil after roller setting my hair. My hair is soooooo silky! Its beautiful.! My hair is no longer dry. It has that youthful appearance again. I thought I had lost that look. Because I had a hysterectomy. My hair is shiny, moisturized, and healthy looking! I can't stop with the accolades! Ms. Cartwright and the Hydratherma Family and your God send products is straight out of heaven. I'm about to cry. I have that confidence, now all of me is whole and put together! Keep up the wonderful work and God bless all of you.
Charlotte, NC

Let me start off by saying that this is the best product ever!! Everything that Mrs. Cartwright said about this product is true. I am just in awe at how soft my daughter's hair is. I just took her braids out of her hair and while washing her hair there was no hair in the sink! Her hair was so soft and manageable. The Amino Protein Conditioner literally helped get rid of the tangles and it was so easy to comb her hair. My daughter hasn't had a relaxer since September and her new growth was soft. I was also amazed that while applying the Leave in Conditioner there was no water dripping from her hair. It was like her hair soaked up the excess water! This is a great product and I'm telling everyone I know!!
Shonda E.
Charleston, SC

I wasn't going to do my big chop before using the products, but the products were delivered I made the choice then. I had very curling hair growing up and I want that texture back. When I got the products and opened them up I was like AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I couldn't wait to use them. These product are great. Everyday I wash my hair just so I can use the products. My hair has never been curlier and I love my natural hair. I can literally take my finger and curl my hair with it. I couldn't do that before. All the excessive perming took that advantage away. I tell you when my hair grows back out, I may never perm it again.
Quimeishae J.
Dallas, Texas

I was very excited to try this product and I must say love,love,love it..I was a lil nervous when I didn't feel my hair soften with the first shampoo and conditioner but after using the line as intructed my hair has been bouncing and behaving beautifully..One of the best differences that i have noticed is that before HTN when I ran my fingers through my hair i had hair on my hands, not really shedding but some form of soon as i used the leave in conditioner, hair growth lotion and the moisture sealing oil my hair no longer shedded when i ran my fingers through...thnx HTN for giving my hair the moisture it needed and i have only been using it for two weeks..looking forward to the next few months...thnx again
Tracee M.
Philadelphia, Pa

Saleemah you have done your homework.You passed.All of your products are GREAT!I thank God for you and your family that He will keep you all and good health.May your light continue to shine.Have a great day.Sister Love.
Carolyn L.
Chicago, IL

I have been watching Saleemah's journey for almost 2 years now (wow time has flown!) I finally purchased the Simply Styling range in the Summer of 2009, and I definately noticed a difference. My hair was softer, stronger and I did not find little bits of hair all over my clothes. Those products rang out and I tried to find a substitute for them as I was not able to order them online. Eventually in Jan 2010, I was able to purchase them again, and I have to say that I am glad I found this range. This time I purchased the Complete range in large sizes. I seen a thickness to my hair that I have not seen since I was a child. Even my boyfriend is loving my ''nice smelling hair''! I want to thank the team at HN and all you ladies out there who took the time to post your experiences on this page. I often look at this page as one of my sources of inspiration and it helps to brighten up my day. Once again thanks, stay blessed and keep smiling.

I want to thank you so much for being fast with delivery I ordered my products on tuesday and its now friday and I have my items. I cant wait to get home to use them!!!! Sorry I couldnt wait to give a testimony on the delivery !!
Nicole L.
Oxon hill, Maryland

I received my order around Feb 5, 2010, I ordered the Daily Growth Moisturizing Lotion, Growth Oil & the Protein Balance Leave-in. First off let me just say the smell is YUMMY!!!, its smells good enough to eat, reminds me of a whipped, delicious icing on a velvet cake! My fav out of the 3 has got to be the Daily Growth Moisturizing Lotion, I noticed difference in my hair with in 2 weeks, its shiny, smells great, feels soft & strong, this is all during being between 9 to 11 weeks post relaxer, I can't wait to see how my hair feels after I use it on fresh relaxed hair!. Luckily I bought an 8 oz & 4 oz bottle of this liquid gold... I luv it, Keep up the good work Saleemah & HHJ Staff you have a customer for life!
Orlando, FL

I am a native Houstonian who moved to South Korea on October 13. For about 10 years I have dealt with thin and bald edges. This was partly because of braids and even more so at some point I picked up a nervous habit where I pulled my edges so much so I would pull hair out and not notice. Once my family and friends became active in keeping me from pulling my edges I was stuck with bald spots and thinning. I have also had horrible shedding and breaking. I would find myself depressed over my hair every month it seemed. When I moved to South Korea my hair was falling out so bad I was having to sweep and vacuum a few times a day every single day. I went to a place here to get a scalp treatment and the appointment seem to be going great until it was time for me to get in the styling chair. And, the stylist's face says it all. She was frustrated with my hair because it was still falling out and it was EXTREMELY dry. By the time I got back to my apartment I was in tears and decided to give up on my hair. I just didn't care anymore. Of course I had to call my BFFs...first Carlie then Milcah then Jessica. Each of them felt so bad because they have been going through this with me. But, when I got on the phone with Jess she suggested I check out some videos. She said there was a lady (Saleemah Cartwright) who has some videos and a website dedicated to healthy hair and that she has been following some of her tips but hadn't bought the products yet. One thing she also liked (and I do too) is Saleemah is neutral when it comes to relaxed and natural hair. What she encourages you to focus on is HEALTHY HAIR. So, I started watching the videos, looking over the website, reading on the products. I stayed up until about 3:30am reading and listening to everything. On January, 25 2010 I purchased the Complete Set (Combination size). I have been praying for years for God to rescue my hair. Before I purchased these products I prayed one more time and felt peace about pushing the confirm! First of all, I am in another country but the product was here by January 29th...WOW...I haven’t received any overseas mail that quick. Secondly, I used the washed my hair on the following Wednesday and started with the moisturizing conditioner. OMG...I was so confused when I didn't see hair falling out. I mean only a few strands in my hand. While I was washing my hair actually felt stronger than it ever had wet. And, the edges and center of my hair are always very dry but after the wash and application of the other products I just couldn't stop touching because it was so soft. I have been using the products for almost a month now and I LOVE HYDRATHERMA NATURALS!!! I made the decision to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair. I have not used my flat iron or any heat at all on my hair. I wear my hair in the knots as often as possible. Sometimes I find a cute hat to wear (with my silk scarf underneath) when I go certain places so I don't have to expose my ends. I must say that I am very happy with the results I have received from day one. I have a restored hope for my hair and I realize I don't worry about it or think about it much anymore. I know it's healthy and it will grow out in due time. I don't have sever itching like I use to have. I am making a conscious effort to not pull at my edges because I know they are going to grow out. My neighbor noticed my floor is no longer covered in hair. And, I am getting compliments on my healthy curly hair I'm rockin' now. I am also keeping a hair journal complete with pictures. Saleemah, thank you so much for being obedient to your calling. I consider your products, you, and everyone who is apart of Healthy Hair Journey a blessing! I am praying for continued wisdom and prosperity for each of you.
Nancy Marie
Yeoju, South Korea

I first tried the Hydrathermals moisturizing lotion when I visited my daughter. She had purchased it and I used it during the Christmas holiday while visiting. My hair is always so dry and while using this within the first week I was so happy with how my hair held the moisture. I have let my hair go natural(grade 4b), and on top of that my scalp gets very irritated from other hair products that I have tried. This is the main reason for me going natural to give my scalp a rest from all the chemicals. I have been natural for about a year and still had sore, irritated scalp. I have expierenced dry hair and a lot of breakage. From the first week of using the moisturizing lotion the dyness was gone, by the second week the breakage had stopped. When I returned home I ordered the whole line to try and I am very satisfied. I love the moisturizing shampoo that only takes a dime size and lathers my whole head. I have very thick shoulder length hair and for once it is not dry, dry, dry. I will continue to use the moisturizer lotion and the oil the most, I have a lot of benefits from these two products and no scalp irritation from any of the products. I am so happy my daughter tried your products and introduced them to me. I am so happy that my scalp feels better I don't know what I can say except thank you. About 2 & 1/2 months with no scalp irritation or dryness. Thank you and thank God for sending your products to me.
Rosa Jones
Wesley Chapel Florida

Hello there. I just received the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and can I please just tell you how absolutely wonderful it is!! (Of course you already know this).. but, I can't thank you enough for providing this product to the public. I think it is, above any other natural hair product, my all time favorite. I washed my hair and applied it along with the Follicle Invigorator and my hair is super soft and hydrated. It's EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I've only had the product for 2 days and I don't think I can live without it ~ . Thanks again & take care!

I must start by saying I have been having problems with my hair ALLLL my life, to the point I became a product addict, I would try stuff but would give up because i never noticed any improvement... First of all I must say the customer service is impeccable, I really appreciate the fact that you take care of your customers and ensure that they have excellent service... That being said the products are absolutely divine they smell great, I got the whole collection and I don't regret a penny for the first time my hair is actually reacting very well to products I can actually see a difference I have only be using them for 2 weeks... so far my observation is that the products leave you hair very soft because I have very shot hair its difficult anyway to manage because of the new growth on the sides but with that being said my edges were really, really, really thin and I can actually see the hair growing in WOW I am amazed I cannot say enough about the products! I will write another review after 1 month or so just to give an update...

I finally received your products via Ups.It was like receiving Christmas presents! Thanks for sending it so quick! My first wash was amazing! These products are like no other products. My hair soaked them up like a dry sponge. These products does not coat the hair like all the other products! They Used to call me the product junkie. Now I'm the Hydratherma Naturals Products Junkie! Lol! I threw everything out! Never going back! I'm very impressed after using them the very first time! My hair has NEVER been so silky after a wash! NEVER! And my hair smell like cake! God bless your company! I will be sending before and after pictures in 3 months. I'm confident even after the very first use that my hair is going to be absolutely fabulous! Peace and Blessing
Charlotte, NC

I followed you for a year after your 2nd BC just to see how your products would work and I was in awe! So my husband got them for me for Christmas 2009 and I will never go back to anything other. I am using them on my 2nd time around for my locs and have seen almost an inch of new growth already! I love to support another natural sister and sister in Christ. Keep up the amazing job and may God bless you with more than you are able to fathom :)
Easton, PA

Hi, I love your products Hydratherma naturals, i even got my mom useing them. i started out with the follice invigorator, because i got natural hair i wear micro braids alot, than i order the hair grow lotion,protein deep condi, and the leave in protien condi, the grow oil all of them are great but the lotion and the oil and the invigorator is the BEST it really works, ive been useing it ever since nov or dec/09.this stuff really works!!!!!i use it while my hair is braided and loose. am glad i found this product THANKS.
dudley/goldsboro, nc