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We have been receiving so much positive feedback about our Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection! If you love our products, leave us a message below.  Join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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I just recieved the growth lotion and hair invigorator my kids and me are excited. The products arrived very fast and smell so good. I can not wait until I order the whole line. It keeps me and my girls hair soft and easy to handle since we are transitioning from perm to natural. thank you so much for your products.

I wanted to share with you all of products I been using.
Protein Balance Leave in Conditioner
Follicle Invigorator
Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion
Hair Growth Oil
Although my hair is naturally curly it was very very dry it never kept the mositure in from all the products I used before. Now in using these products I've gotten a great results. Ladies I'm telling you I'm amazed how my hair has improved soft like butter no more frizz no dry ends and less to clean up.

Hi Saleemah,
I just had to let you know that my roller set turned out wonderful! I followed the instructions on the products and your advice on how to roll my hair. Beautiful! I am so glad I found this web site. I have been searching for years for natural based products for relaxed hair!- that actually work! I'm looking forward to great hair days ahead. Seeing a difference after one use is just unheard of! Thank you so much for following your dream. May God continue to bless you!
Port Allen, La.

I just recieved my hn products I am so excited I have already used the product and my hair is so soft I can't wait to see what happens a month from now.
Franklin, Virginia

I received my order a couple of weeks ago, and WOW! My hair feels like hair now, it's soft and manageable...not dry and wirey like before and very little shedding. I am now trying some of the different ways to style my natural hair. I did my big chop back in September 2009 and with the dryness from the cold and heat in my house, I was really becoming frustrated. I have an area in the top of my head that is very vunerable/thin and since starting to use these products, the appearance of that area is different; not as noticeable so I don't have to try to hide it anymore. And that's after just 2 weeks of use. The products are great...Thanks!
Lydia B.
Allendale, South Carolina

Thank you for your products.It took me a long time to place an order because i've been so disappointed in the past. I have ordered other products that people raved about only to have wasted my money.It's been 3 months and i can't believe the change. I have thin fine hair and the edges were almost bald. Well now i have hair growing at the edges and my hair has thickened a lot. Thank You again for a great product.Please keep it coming.
Sharon F.
Virginia Beach, Va

Hi Saleem, I want to say thank you for introducing such wonderful products, I am so very pleased, I love love love the the way my hair is growing and feels when I comb it each it time, everyone is noticing my growth and I tell them about your wonderful product. God Bless You!
Temecula Ca.

I have been using the colection for about a week and a day, i was going to wait until a month went by to give another testimonial but i just could not wait. The follicle invigorator is bringing back my edges which were lost from tight braids, and harmful chemicals (perms) and hard gels and sprits. i cant explain the difference in my thristy hair two weeks ago from today. it is softer my roots tend to curl naturally (which i love) i did my big chop 12/31/09 and in places my hair was thinning out the invigorator as brought back hair in places i thought would never grow back. not to mention the products smell yummy, so i am truely in love with the product. i have to tell myself stop bothering your hair!!!! but i love the product it was a god send and i will be ordering again soon for the everyday products thank you so much my hair loves you!!!
ms horne
waycross ga

I have been using your full line of products approximately a month and half 'and absolutely loving them.I use them on myself and my 7 year old daughter's hair' and we are really seeing satisfying results.Please keep up the good work , telling everyone I know!
Alisa N.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Hi Saleemah
I think your products that i have used is great, am lovin the invigotator, cause i wear braids alot on my natural hair, and am lovin the growth lotion almost out, i havent gotten the oil, but you best belive i will be ordering it, and i have your protien deep condi. i think it great what you are doing to keep black hair more healthy. i got my mom to order almost the whole line of products. THANKSPS. i will have the length i want by may 2010, that will be my 6mos using hydrtherma naturals products.
Dudley NC

saleemah i have always had alot of problems with growth with my hair mostly because i was one of those people who wasnt prone to triming my spilt ends. After seeing you introduce your line of products i was very interested, i started cutting my split end but sadly i still wasnt seeing much growh. I saw your youtube video of your big chop!!!! i must admit this inspired me to get rid of my unhealthy hair and get back to my natural roots i did my big chop on 12/30/09. This was a great exprience i ordered your products a few days before. i just recieved your products on yesterday and i must say i already see a difference in how the way my hair feels. i use the twist out method to trim my split ends, i am so excited to see how my future hair will look like from using your products... this is the begining you will hear from me soon and my results thanks
Ms. Horne

I was introduced to Hydratherma Naturals by one of your hair models back in September 09. I was having a difficult time with breakage. Since using these products (now for about 3 months)I've notice that my hair has become thicker and softer, and less shedding. I also noticed that the follicle invigorator has worked wonders on the broken strands that I had. I am so pleased with the products and have been spreading the news to females I know to at least try it. Thank you Saleemah!!
B. Pantoja
Bronx, New York

Hey Saleemah, I started using your products mid 2009. Love the way my natural hair feels now and embracing the new natural me! The Hubby & son have also found your products useful. They love to grow their hair out during the winter months & now they can without looking unkempt. Also I love the way my hubbys mustache & beard feels now. My teenage daughters can't go without. Miss Ma'am you have definitely made believers out of this family. Thanks. :-)
P. Washington
Columbia, SC

Dear Saleemah. Thanks so much for the speedy shipping, I had my products in three days!! I followed your regime to a tee and let my hair air dry. After applying a little more growth lotion and the growth oil, you'd think I actually used a blow dryer to straighten it, it has a nice sheen and is so silky and soft. The follicle invigorator has my new growth (3 more weeks to my next touch up)so smooth and manageable. Thanks so much for these superb products and you've gained another satisfied repeat customer!!
S. Downing
Fairburn, GA

I wrote a testimonial about six months ago and now I have to write another. Since following the styling techniques from Saleemah, I've been wearing my hair up and not putting too much tension on it. Since it's the holiday season and I'm socializing more. I'm wearing it down. My own mother thought I was wearing a weave. She couldn't believe it was my hair! I am getting so many compliments. I have to say this is the best hair product around.
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Hello Saleemah,I wanted to write to thank you for creating such a wonderful line of products that do exactly what you claim them to do. I found this website somewhere between November 2008 and February 2009,but was somewhat hesitant about ordering thinking that the claims were too good to be true. Like others,I figured that your hair was simply ''good hair'' that grew quickly or being a licensed cosmotologist meant that you had access to better products than what those of us who aren't were able to get a hold of. Boy was that a purely stupid assumption. I finally placed an order maybe 2 weeks prior to Christmas 2009 and immediately began to use the products the same day. Thanks for such a quick delivery time too(2 or 3 days from date of placing order online). My hair was already in great shape and condition even though I'm presently transitioning out of a lye based relaxer. At the time I was 14 weeks post previous retouch.I was past anxious because it was progressively getting harder and harder to tame my new growth so that I would look presentable to the public (I work in the healthcare field also,so I know that you gotta look well groomed).I personally felt that my hair looked jacked up even though it was very healthy.I began using both the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion and the Hair Growth Oil.These 2 items took my haircare regime and the appearance,feel,and overall life of my hair to another level. I have turned a coworker of mine onto your website and products since she saw my hair a few days ago.I am hooked,and I just placed another order for more of the moisturizing growth lotion and I'm trying out the Follice Invigorator when the order arrives.As long as I'm financially blessed to afford the products (not implying that they cost too much because the ingredients are well worth what you charge-I've found websites and done my research) and as long as the formula continues to work for my hair,I forsee a long and prosperous journey using Hydratherma Naturals products.I also appreciated your webinars because the information is greatly needed and put into practical use. I'm grateful that we live in a society now thats more accepting of cultural diversity to the point that we peoples of African descent can finally have options for our haircare which are more attune to what the good Lord gave us.There are some of us who do not prefer the weaves and lacefront wigs that I feel are being imposed as the new ideal of beauty.Thanks again for creating a line that gives us options. Sorry that this has been so long,but I wanted to fully express my thoughts in this testimonial.P.S. for those who either tried but didn't like some of the Carols Daughter line,try Hydratherma Naturals because it surpasses the hype I've expressed in this testimonial. Remain blessed of the Lord.
Roberta L.
Fayetteville, NC

I started using your product in february of this year. I also started using hair vitamins from GNC. I noticed right from the get go that my hair felt so much better. I faithfully washed my hair 2 times per week and used your deep conditioner every other week. It is now December 23rd and I just asked my coworker to measure my hair in the back which at one time was 1/4 of an inch or less. It now, praise God, 3, (three), III, inches long. This is unbelievable as I never had hair this long in my entire life. My entire life. I look like a woman now instead of my brother. It is still thin but it longer than it's ever, ever, ever been. So you were right! Your product are great! I am so pleased. thank you, thank you, thank you! May you have the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year.

My hair story is pretty similar to many women of color born with thick hair. My mom could not manage it and turned to heat. It was still healthy until my mom permed my hair. Not too long ago I looked a pix and I notice that my hair because to really leave when I was about 14yrs old Fast forward to adulthood, my hair just has been dry and brittle and breaking for so long and I must say I was sooooo sick of it not growing past my neck. So I decided to transition. I failed the first time after 8mos. Tried again and now I am now 4wks post bc! I have been using HN for about 3most now(started during the transition) and I must say your products are a gift of GOD! my hair is growing in thick and so strong. I am so proud of my hair when for a while I hated wearing my hair due to how it felt and looked. I just wanted my childhood hair back and thanks to you I am closer to that dream and all natural!!!(in tears now). Thank you so much!
Shavonne B.
Chicago, IL

My hair was just damaged. I had split ends, my hair was just getting worse and worse. My friend introduced me to Hydratherma Naturals. So I tried it and also looked on your website. My hair looked fabulous. Now I have been 5 months natural. Thank you very much. My hair has never looked better.
Biancah B.
Portsmouth, Virgina

Hello Saleemah,
I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your products. I recently made the decision to go natural and these products have made the transition much easier. I love the way they make my hair feel! I will keep you you posted on my progress and you can count on me as a loyal customer.
Shari F.
Casa Grande, Arizona

I have been using your Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Products for a month. I had lost my hair to chemo in April and my hair started growing back in September. I found your products on youtube and ordered the shampoos and the conditioners. I love the hair folicle stimulator and the hair growth lotion and oil.... My hair is growing very quickly and it is very moisturized... Thanks so much...
Keesha K.
Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to say that I have become a Hydratherma Naturals user for life. I did my big chop July 30, 2009 and have started using your products. I can really tell a difference in the thickness of my hair. My hair is growing and keeps its shine. I have received alot of compliments and have told alot of my family and friends about your products. Some have even had me purchase items for them as well. Thank you again for caring enough for women of color and the state and health of our glory!!!!
Teresa H.
Indianapolis, IN

I must say the day i was looking on the computer for good products for black hair,i stumble on your site and many more.and with your site i felt what you say, and what i saw in your hair journal i felt you were real and honest.I decided to take a risk and order all your products.that day i spend almost 200 dollars but i truly felt your products was real.and today eight week later i see the difference in my hair no more shedding and everyone tell me that my hair look so healthy and strong . so i recomended your product to them, iam sure you will be getting a lot canadian customers soon.god bless you with this product and continue the sucess.thank you!
sharon mckoy
brampton ontario canada

Hi Saleemah,
I received my products on yesterday. I immediately used them on my baby's hair. It was so shiny, detangled, and it smelled so good. When she got up today, she brought one of the bottle to me so that I could put some more on her hair.LOL! She's only 18 months. I've been telling everybody about your site and the products. I will definitely be purchasing more. I LOVE IT!

I just received the box with the large bottles of your entire line! I am so excited as I opened looked and smelled every single bottle my staff did the same and tried to go on-line to purchase the set themselves but it was out of stock! LOL I guess I ordered just in time I will start using them this weekend on myself and my daughter. Awesome!!!!!!
Kim Aska
St. Thomas Virgin Islands