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I have used various products down through the years, from the cheapest to the most raved about expensive ones. And, I must say, my hair has never felt this good!-EVER! Thank You for Caring enough to share this with the sistas. I look forward to updating with more great results (growth that is;-). MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU & THE GIFT WITHIN YOU.
Upper Marlboro, MD

I can't believe how soft my hair is after using your products the first time around. I am in absolute love with the entire line that I purchased. The customer service is flawless which also means a lot...I wish you all the success with your business because the line is an absolute GOD send!

Hi Hydratherma, I've been using your product for 7 weeks now and within the first few weeks I noticed the difference. A fuller head of hair and regrowth already. I'm in love with the follicle invigorator. My hair looks so much healthier. Thank you soooooooo much God Bless!
United Kingdom

I don't know where to start I'm 19 years old and I have been trying to grow my hair since birth. My hair was always ruff dry and brittle and never grew past a certain length. As a young child my mother would fill my hair with ribbons to make me look pretty because i didn't have much hair. When i was 5 i was selected to be a flower girl at my church and my mother didn't know what to do with my hair so she took me to the hair salon and she asked the beautician to perm my innocent scalp!!!! the beautician was in shock but didn't care because she wanted the money. It looked really nice for awhile but then after a month my hair was falling out. So my mother cut my hair and I went back to natural. i was always excited when my mom would buy new hair products and wait to see results that never came true. When I was sixteen I started weaving my hair constantly. I was so in love with the way that it made me look. My friends would tell me you better stop wearing all that weave it will thin out your hair and make it worst. I didn't care i would sew in 18'' weaves and abandon my natural hair underneath. Whats worse is that i would perm my hair and add extensions to them. I became so addictive that i was depressed every time i removed the fake hair and saw what my natural hair looked like that I hurried up and added more weave. For three years I never showed my real hair until recently when I got fed up of being so fake. Not that I hate weaves but I wanted to use my natural hair for a change. I wanted people to see the real me not the black barbie that everyone is so used to. So in May 2008 I started to get really serious about my hair I chopped most of the dead damaged hair off. I still wore the weaves but i took care of my scalp by greasing it while the weave was on. I swore that I would never perm my hair for as long I lived lol will see how long I keep that promise. Every time I removed the weave I cut a little more until all the relaxed hair was gone. One day I was wanted to see how African American women took care of their hair and to see if anyone was going through what I was going through so I went on You Tube. I WAS AMAZE to see how many people were trying to find ways to take care of their hair. I just happen to click on one video that would change my life. I saw how Saleemah Cartwright went from bald to Indian LOL I was shocked! I showed my friend the video because we both were going through transitioning and she couldn't believe it herself. Honestly I doubted the video because this is a crazy world and people will do anything to make money. I even said ''oh please she probably has good genes or those pictures are photo shopped''. I went on her website and I read every details that day and still had doubts and shut of the computer. And a couple of months later I went back again and read every comment on You Tube and this website and my feelings started to change. I decided to give in and put my credit card at risk. Let me tell you I NEVER REGRETTED DOING THAT NOT ONE MIN. For all the doubters out there trust me her products are the truth!!! there are no schemes, tricks, or lies about this product. And if there were any lies I would be posting a negative comment right about now. I've been using her product for 3 weeks now and I cannot believe what I see. My hair is soooooo soft and thick its so full and growing so beautifully. I asks myself why did I wait so long and if I had tried the first time where would my hair be right now. I can now run my fingers through my scalp without feeling any tracks lol. The myth that African American women cannot have long beautiful hair unless their mixed is false. Im living proof that the myth is now shattered. God has truly bless Saleemah with intelligence. Thank you so much for not being selfish and sharing your secrets with the world. I follow all your direction and I'm seeing amazing results. God Bless You!!!!!! P.S. your business is so professional!!!! the packages are wrapped so neatly and thanks for the free gift. It always takes a week to get to my house I never have to wait more then that. I can't wait for the rush delivery system lol. Even when I called and left a message the NEXT morning I got a phone call back right away answering my question and it was saleehmah herself!!!!!!!!!!! I pray that your business becomes successful through the years to come. If ever god forbid you would stop your business i will surly die. Thanks again i just can't stop typing lol
Queens, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for such great products! I have just ordered the new and improved products and they are just wonderful! I am going into my 11 month of transitioning and these products are really helping me through this process since I stopped wearing my weaves! My hair is full, thick, and soft all thanks to Hydratherma Naturals! I especially love the Shampoos and the conditioners. It definately makes it easier to comb through my natural hair. And the smell of the products is great! The oil does not weigh my hair down. You have a fan 4 life! Thank you!!
Baltimore, MD

This is the very first time in my entire life that I have used a product for my hair that actually works. I purchased the follicle invigorator, hair growth lotion, hair oil and the leave in conditioner. All of them are fabulous. My hair is soft silky and mositurized instead of dry, brittle and frizzy!! I appreciate the fact that all of the products are concentrated so a little goes a long long way. I have only been using the products for 2 weeks now and I can already tell the difference. My other hair care products will be going in the TRASH!!! Thanks so much Saleemah Cartwright for hair care products that are heaven sent!! May God bless your business and labor always!!

I am HOOKED and I didn't even realize it until I freaked out when I noticed I was almost out of my follicle invigorator (lol)! Thanks to these amazing products I am happy to announce that I am a recovered product junkie. OMG! I have not purchased any other brands since I began using Hydratherma Naturals, and for good reason. Each and every time I use these products I see results. My hair is growing so fast and healthy it's extremely hard to wait the full 8 weeks for my next relaxer. I am so excited with my results I almost want to write a testimonial everytime I apply the products to my hair. You have truly been Blessed with a wonderful gift. Sooo...Thanks again for creating such an amazing line of products and sharing them with me.
Houston, TX

I began using your products 3 weeks ago and the change is unbelievable. My hair is no longer dry and brittle. It shines and has life to it. Thank you!!!
MamaKenjombe L.
Bath, Maine

I am so impressed with the Hydratherma Line that I had to write this testimonial. At first, I thought this was another hair line with products and was skeptical. However, after I tried your products I am absolutely blown away!I love all of YOUR PRODUCTS! However, my absolute favorite is the Herbal Gloss/Heat protectant. I have tried other glosses in the past and was not impressed so I was not going to even try this product. However, I am gratefully I did. The gloss gives my hair a wonderful shine whether it is curly or straight. The gloss is not greasy or oily and weigh my hair down, but instead leaves my hair soft and silky to the touch. Thank you Hydratherma Naturals for helping me retain my hair length and grow my hair closer to my waist and still give me the swinging hair I have longed desired. God Bless!

I have received your products about 4 days ago and I have to admit that I'am amazed at how ity made my hair soft the first use!! Now all I have to wait for now is the growth. Just hope that it makes my hair reach -MBL/WL P.S. Gracias for the free gift It smells so good
Envy Nizjha
Baton Rouge

I am so pleased with the Hydratherma Naturals Moisture Boosting line. You have created a wonderful line of products. My hair is much healthier and definitely growing and feels so soft and silky. I had a wonderful experience with customer service too. Thank you for sharing your gift from God with us.
Robin G.
Warrensburg, MO

I have the entire large set and I have been using the Daily Growth Lotion religiously since September and my hair has never been so soft and manageable. I am currently 12 weeks post relaxer and my new growth is softer than ever. Thanks. I finally found a product that I can stick to. Oh, and the smell is heavenly. My coworker we so jealous at the smell I hade to purchase a sample size for one of them as a gift. Thanks again!
MsDevo, LHCF and BHM forum member

I just re ordered the hair follicle invigorator. I am not out of the first bottle but my hair is responding already to the product, I do not want to be out of it. My hair is stronger and has stopped breaking. My new growth feels really good. Thanks for your product!
Rhonda T.
Murfreesboro, TN

Hi Saleemah, I just received my products in the mail and just had to rave about them. As you know I did my BC 3 months ago, and I have been looking for products that work with my natural hair texture of 4A. Well, I have to say that I LOVE HYDRATHERMA NATURALS. My hair was so soft and my curls were defined after I used the products. Didn't even use the IC styling gel! (I purchased the Moisture Boosting shampoo & deep conditioner, follicle invigorator, protein leave-in conditioner, and growth lotion.) The growth lotion has a sweet custard like smell that makes you want to eat it...but I didn't! LOL! It left my hair so shiny... Thanks so much for your products and the sample! You have a new customer...God Bless!

I have been researching your line for a while now, so when my best friend told me she purchased yor line after I introduced her to your supplies, she bouught it, and loved your products, so I brought the products, all I can say is God Bless You, I am loving these products on my hair, the follicle invigorator is the bomb, because I am in a transition faze for natural hair, and the amino protein leave in conditionar works wonders on my hair, it does not dry my hair out. I just want you to know that you have a fan for life, girl I wish you did gift cards so I can hook all my friends and family up to Hydratherma Naturals. Love Tasha
Houston, texas

The follicle invigorator is the best product I have every tried hands down. I started using this product right after applying a fresh weave. I noticed more both quicker and more supple growth after only 2 weeks!!!!! God Bless you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us!
New York, NY

I have been using the follicle spray for 3 weeks now and am in love. i use it on wet and dry hair and it makes my scalp and new growth feel so good. i also love the protein balance leave in conditioner very much. the smell of these products are something to write home about and i will put in another order soon.
Washington DC

Just love your products! My hair is so helathy and strong. Never been able to achieve that before. Thank you! God bless!
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am in love with the follicle invigorator, Moisture Advantage Plus Deep Conditioning Treatment, moisture/protein leave in, growth lotion and oil. My hair is soft, moisturized without feeling greasy. Natural hair loves your products. Can't wait until you start the skin care line.
Richmond, VA

I have tried so many different products in the past, but now I have found my staples. Your products are the best thing that has happened to my hair. I can't recall a time when my hair has been able to maintain such moisture and softness. My hair loves your products. Thank you so very much for such a magnificent product line.
Tallahassee, FL

Thank you for creating these products. I love how my hair feels, and they smells very good. More importantly, my hair is now healthier. My favorite are the ''growth lotion'', ''growth oil'' and the ''follicle invigoartor''. They are great moisturizer...Thanks again!
Boston MA

What the owners have said about Hydratherma Naturals is ALL TRUE. You said that the product doesn't leave your hair greasy and IT DOESN'T. You also said that it only takes a small amount and IT DOES (a little does go a long way). Thank you for delivering on everything you've stated. I have faith that my hair will soon be healthier and longer. May God continue to bless you and your company.

Saleema, Saleema, Saleema! I wish that I had this product when I was in my teens. I am one of those that had very dry and course hair from a very young age right on into my adult life. I have always wanted to wear a natural but my hair never looked good that way. Since I have been using your products (started 3/2011) my hair is so moist and soft and I am able to wear it styled in a TWA. I did the big Chop before finding your product. It is now April 2011 and after use the product, my hair is fierce!! Mind you I cut it off to a brushable length, my hair now has depth and some length (not much but its growing) and it is healthy!!!I decided to color it a blonde shade and did not realize that I did'nt need the booster pack inclosed because my hair was already somewhat light. My hair turned white!! I panicked because I did not want my husband to see me that way because he had asked me not to color it. I happened to have a box of a caramel color(darker shade) so in an anxious and desperate move I put it on top of the first color. I new the risk of damage but I was Desparate. Seleema, I made sure that I put your leave in conditioner, the growth lotion,the growth oil, and the Invigerator on everyday. My hair is still soft and full, no breakage or fall out. I truely feel if it were not for your product and the quality of it, my hair would have all fallen out. I do not suggest that anyone try what I did, however I am ever more convinced that your products truely work just as each of your videos states. Thank you so much for your gift to us black women who thought that we had to settle with dry hair. I love my hair now!!!!
Joyce C.
Atlanta Georgia

Mr. Willie Cartwright and this entire company is very polite, professional and my order arrived quickly! The service is awesome! I ordered the Follicle Invigorator and I am excited about the reviews I've read and the natural ingredients in this product. I will write back in 4-6 weeks to give my update! I believe I will achieve healthy, stronger and thicker hair using this product. Also the samples you put in my order are awesome! I will be purchasing the moisturizing lotion and oil :) Thanks!
Mz. Chris
Houston, TX

I have to say that this company has the best professional customer service ever!!!!! Everyone is so nice, polite and pleasant! Willie, thanks for the e-mail updates on my order along with your fast and excellent service!!!!!