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We have been receiving so much positive feedback about our Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection! If you love our products, leave us a message below.  Join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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I just tried your leave-in conditioner and it was the best leave in that I have ever used! It worked very well on my hair and left it soft with a lot of shine. I will be reordering it soon. Also thanks for the larger size (8 oz) moisture lotion........FINALLY LARGER SIZES!!!! I would love to see a 12 oz bottle!!!!! Thanks for giving us these great products!!!!!

I just wanted to say, I just received my products today. I have not used the products yet, but I need to tell you that I am so impressed and proud of you, and I don't even know you. Your products are packaged perfectly, your gift samples just what I prayed for, your presentation of information professional, your business card and brochure exquisite. You have created a first class business, and I pray that GOD prospers you beyond your expectations. I will pm you tommorrow after I use the products. I am so sure after this presentation that your products will be just what I have believed GOD for. I am so excited for you, and hope that GOD takes you and your business to another level.Be blessed. You are truly and inspiration and a representation of what GOD intended HIS people to exemplify. Update!- I have used your moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. I love the way they smells and the way they both feel! The consistency is so creamy! As far my hair, it was wonderful. My hair is so soft, moisuturized and shiny. These are really great products! All of your hard work is paying off. You have a winner, girlie, and my hair does not respond well to a lot of different products. There should be another way you can market your products to the massess.
growinglong777 from LHCF

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love their products. My hair feels so much stronger! I started out using the products on my daughter's hair and now I'm hooked! Thank you for these products.

I received my moisturizer yesterday and so for I am in LOVE! I applied it to my hair as soon as I got it, and the softness was ridiculous. I used a very small amount (dime sized) and ran it all through my hair, then put it in a little bun while I cooked and cleaned. 3 hours later, my hair was still silky soft and moisturized, even my ends!! I am so thrilled to find something that actually lives up to the claims, I really am. I am also thankful for the free sample of conditioner!! I cannot wait to try it. I will definitely be re-ordering and trying more products. Thank you for creating such a fabulous line; you're doing great things, lady. :)

Dryness was my problem and dry hair can rob you of growth by breaking the hair. I received my products and I can honestly say dryness is no longer a problem for me. This is a superior product. I have yet to find a product that can do what your products do. I will be buying all my hair products from you. Thanks for coming up with something so good.
Victorville, CA

I used my products immediately and noticed a softness I've never experienced before.

I have tried so many different products in the past, but now I have found my staples. Your products are the best thing that has happened to my hair. I can't recall a time when my hair has been able to maintain such moisture and softness. My hair loves your products. Thank you so very much for such a magnificent product line.
Tallahassee, FL

For the first time in my life, I can see the length of the back of my hair. I go to the salon for a wash every Wednesday and I have 2 people in my family who's pushing me every Wenesday with a phone call, because they both have very long hair. I believe rollersetting and your fabulous product, really grown my hair. I add a couple of growth oil in my hair every other night and I also to the same with the follicle invigorator. Before rollersetting, I use the leave-in conditioner and add a little bit of moisture before styling and i mostly focus in my hair ends. I read all your instructions and I follow-up without any mistake. I will definitely post before and after picture in 8 weeks from now.I will refer all family and friends to your website. Thank you very much and I will reorder soon.

Wow! I had in my kinky twist in for 6 weeks, and I used H.N. the whole time. I used the oil, spray, and the leave-in. ''It did my hair justice'', becaues usually my hair is dry and comb breaking rough! My hair was nice and juicy I didn't even want to wash it...Thank you very much me and my family will continue to support this product! P.S. I'm going natural and this was a perfect start for me...!

I am 100% NATURAL!!!! Always have been and always will be. (never relaxed and never will) THESE PRODUCTS ARE GREAT!!!!! The protein treatment is the truth and the follicle invigorator made my hair feel so soft!!!!! I have never used ginseng in my hair before but my hair seems to really like it.

The Follicle invigorator made my new growth so soft. I couldn't believe it. I am relaxer stretching and this product is making it so easy for me.

I am very picky when it comes to moisturizers and I have tried almost everyone on the market! My friend uses your products and gave me the sample of her growth lotion. I tried it on my hair and it works great!!!! Finally something that really works. I really love the ingredients. All of those butters! No mineral oil!!!! I really like the way it smells. I have since ordered the product twice already and purchased some as gifts for my friends with dry hair issues. You have a regular customer in me!
Brenda L.

I received my products the shampoo,moisture/protein leave-in conditioner and moisturing conditioner and have been using them for the 3 days now,my hair has always been dry and brittle, I suffered from alot of breakage and shedding, I have used every product out there and nothing has made my hair feel and look so good until now, my hair is no longer dry or brittle,the shedding, has decreased. I use the leave-in every morning and love the moisture. Thank you, I love it!!
Duncanville, TX

I am in love with the follicle invigorator, Moisture Advantage Plus Deep Conditioning Treatment, moisture/protein leave in, growth lotion and oil. My hair is soft, moisturized without feeling greasy. Natural hair loves your products. Can't wait until you start the skincare line.
Richmond, VA

I began using your products 3 weeks ago and the change is unbelievable. My hair is no longer dry and brittle:it shines and has life to it. Thank you!!!
MamaKenjombe L.
Bath, Maine

I began using the entire line of products about a month ago...WOW! best describes the results. My hair is,(oops!)was extremely hard to manage and dry, but immediately after I completed my first treatment I noticed results. Without my mentioning that I was using a new product, my co-workers complimented me on how healthy my hair looked. I actually look forward to every Saturday (not to go out on the town) to wash my hair, before I even eat breakfast I thank the Lord for allowing me to wake up to another day and then I immediately gather my products and begin my weekly ritual. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will definitely be ordering again.
Houston, Texas

I recently ordered the entire line and received it this past Friday. Before I get into the actual product testimonial let me speak on the customer service. Saleemah and Willie are both a pleasure to speak with. When I called in with questions Saleemah herself answered the phone- not some sales rep but Saleemah herself! When I sent an email they reply promptly and overall was just a pleasure to work with but BABY that along with the actual products has made me a customer for life! The detangling shampoo has to be my favorite product, no wait my favorite is the protein conditioner or maybe the leave in conditioner-heck I love everything in the line. I do not relax my hair but I do color it and usually after I was it I have to blow dry, press it and then flat iron it. After using this line 1 time i did not have to press my hair after blow drying it. The entire texture felt softer and straighter even after only one use. I know after reading this you probably will think that maybe I am a family member or friend that who thought it would be nice to do a testimonal but I am not- but I have just become a customer for life! Keep up the good work Cartwrights and thank you for my free gift!
Artilya H.

Good Morning, Received the products about 3 days, I have to say I love it so far, I notice shininess just on the first day. The products did not make my hair feel heavy at all. My mom love the products and the smell. My boyfriend love the smell, so do I. My goal is to order the whole line. I have to say the only thing i regret is ordering a small bottle of growth lotion, I should have ordered a bigger bottle. I can not wait to order the shampoos and moisture conditioner/ and the leave-in and a bigger bottle of growth lotion. Now I'm trying to get my friend to order the products. I hope you HHJ never change the way the products are made and the customer service. Keep up the great work.You guys rock!!!! God bless you, your workers and your business

I ordered and have used your products today first on my daughter's hair and then on my hair. OMG! It is heavenly! This is what I've been needing and looking for for a long time. I have spent lots of time and money on all kinds of product, expensive, inexpensive but I can truly say this is where it stops! Our hair is so soft and manageable WE LOVE IT!! I have everything I need except for the Folicle Invigorator and Hair Growth Lotion. I will be ordering those momentarily. By the way thank you for the gift! It is wonderful! I am excited about our healthy hair growth journey and hope to send pictures in the future. Thank you for sharing and you are a blessing!
Von H
Charlotte, NC

I ordered the samples and I tried your entire line.. all I can say is WOW! Everything felt and smelled heavenly. My hair feels wonderful! I am in love with the smells of the growth oil. I will definitely order more and use it as a sealer. I also loved how I only had to use a quarter size of the shampoo and it lathered up quite nicely. I hid everything from my kids LOL Great job! I'm highly impressed and told everyone from my friends at to my family & friends. I gave my co-worker your business card and hope she orders from your site. take care & God bless!
Maria G

Hi Saleemah,it's been a pleasure doing business with you. I was anticipating the receipt of my products. When I finally received the package, I couldn't wait to use your products. I am extremely happy with the products that I ordered: the follicle invigorator, the daily leave-in conditioner and growth lotion. I was completely amazed at the results after using it the first time. As my hair is natural, I immediately noticed the difference in my hair. I am ready to dispose of all other hair products in my cabinet and use your products as a regimen to achieve healthy growing hair. My only regret is that I didn't order the the deep conditioning/protein treatment and shampoo. But thanks to you for sending the free gift of moisture boosting shampoo, it feels great. Moreover, what touched my heart was the handwritten ''Thank you and God Bless'' on the invoice, I receive that. I will be ordering additional products to complete my regimen package. God Bless the Cartwrights, In Christ Jesus

I am so happy to tell you how much I love your products. Every product that I have used has worked so well. I love the silky feel that you get when lathering with your shampoo. Both the moisturizing and the clarifying shampoo give this feeling. I love the slip in the protein conditioner. It is slippery without being greasy and my hair still feels so clean. I hate product residue, and everytime that I have purchased a product claiming to make or leave hair silky or smooth it leaves this gunkiness behind. I sometimes even shampoo again, which kinda defeats the purpose of the conditioning process. Well, not anymore! I have to say that I got much better results from only using the follicle invigorator while my hair was still wet, and waiting until after I blow dryed and straitened to use my growth lotion. It makes my hair feel so smooth without the greasy feeling, and without the silicones, and dimethicones. Also, thank you for the protein leave-in. I was skeptical about a leave in, so I didnt want to order it and regret the purchase. I love this stuff. My hair is not only smoother with it but it gives a shine! And it's a natural shine, not like I slapped vaseline in my hair the way alot of stuff looks, and they call it shine. I will definitely be ordering a leave in with my next purchase, you've got another customer for life. I'll send pictures when I can. Thank you
Sherida G.
Detroit, MI

Saleemah, thank you for your wonderful products! I just got my order and tried a little bit of the follicle invigorator/protein balance leave-in/growth lotion on my hair, and it's soo soft. The products smell lovely (I can't stop sniffing) and my hair dries so soft. I'm definitely going to order a shampoo and conditioner next. Oh, as soon as I can, I'll order this for my sisters (can you say 'Christmas present') Thanks! Oh, did I mention that I'm also transitioning, and from how soft and defined my natural curls are, I'm so tempted to do the BC!! :-) If my hair stays this soft, I will have a hard time cowashing- which I love!
Philly, PA

I love the daily moisturizing growth lotion, it gives my chemical-free hair sooo much moisture and shine such a great product!I will be getting the complete system.
Buffalo, NY

O MY GOODNESS!! look im like most people who buy stuff off the internet, u not sure, u dont know, and MOST IMPORTANT a person doesn't wanna waste thier money. BUT!!!! i took a chance and I LOVE THAT hair growth oil stuff that comes in that clear bottle. let me tell ya! it don't stink ( smells like honey to me), its not messy! (thank God) it doesnt make you hair dryer than it was before after it starts to dry after a day or so. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! my friends be tryna use it too and i be like gurl go online and buy yo own!!! Why did it take me so long to buy it. lol. if ur reading this thinking back and forth like i did for months(literally i kept comin back to this page for months) GO AHEAD AND BUY IT! U WILL NOT BE SORRY U DID, FOR REAL.
Dallas, TX