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We have been receiving so much positive feedback about our Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection! If you love our products, leave us a message below.  Join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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I love this system. The first thing I noticed that it smelt like cream cheese icing. I really enjoy the moisture it brings, that was what I was looking for and it delivered. Thank you for posting your video on you tube. I'm glad I found you. God richly bless you.
Brooklyn, NY

I thank God for you and your products. Just placed an order. May you continue to grow and share this wonderful gift with millions!

I love the products. I couldn't believe how the clarifying shampoo totally stripped my hair from the oils but yet, kept it so moisturized. My hair is soft, beautiful and easy to manage. Now I understand what it is like to have hair that is full of moisture without being weighed down by grease. Thank you so much!

I ordered the Protein Balance Leave in Conditioner, Follicle Invigorator and the Daily Moisturizing Lotion. The first comment is super fast shipping. I ordered on Monday and the products were on my doorstep Wednesday. I can already tell the products are working and it is truly amazing to me! I use the daily moisturizing lotion and follicle invigorator every day and I can't tell you how soft my hair is. I have been transitioning my hair from a relaxer to natural and I used to see a lot of breakage and little pieces of hair in the sink and some in my comb (I use a wide tooth comb too). Since I have started using Hydratherma Naturals, there has been no breakage and no strands of hair in the sink since washing. I don't even look at other hair care products in the stores anymore because I know I have become a loyal customer of Hydratherma Naturals and have ordered more. This stuff really makes a difference. Thanks to the Cartwrights! AMAZING!! God Bless You!
Winston-Salem, NC

My absolute FAVORITE product in your line is the Amino Protein Treatment. That stuff is the TRUTH. I have been using it on my leave-out hair while I had the weave in and it really kept it strong! I noticed that it stopped a bit of breakage that I was having after only one use! I also tested this one out on a few of my clients and it worked like a dream on each of them. I love the Moisture/Protein balance leave-in to braid up the hair for the weaves . I have referred many of my clients to your site! All in all, your products rock! I plan to use most of your line for staples for myself. Please continue to do what you're doing because I'm so impressed. I love the fact that your products are so natural. I hope you're having a blessed week. Talk to you soon!
Reniece, (Professional Stylist)
Rockville, MD

THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating and developing a hair care product that caters to my needs. I recently purchased the stimulator, growth lotion and leave in conditioner. LOVE THEM ALL! The best part is Ive only been using it a few days and already I can feel the difference in my hair texture. Over the years I haven't been too kind to my hair by experimenting with different products which supposedly had different results depending on what look I tried to achieve. Overall, the most I received from previous creams, conditioners and gels where flakiness, dullness and stiffness intexture. I realized my hair did not appreciate ALL THAT GEL CONTROL .... Your leave in conditioner is light in texture but just enough in moisture to allow my natural curls to bounce and scalp to breathe again. Looking forward to trying more of your products.
Janet Hall /

I received my entire order two days ago and my hair loves you!!
Alecia Johnson

OMG! I don't know where to start. I absolutely love Hydratherma Naturals. The Amino Plus Protein Deep Conditioner is the best protein conditioner in the hair industry today! I had the pleasure of having the owner of Hydratherma Naturals, Saleemah wash and condition my hair using her amazing products! She cares so much about the health of your hair. Never in my life have I had people comment on my natural hair. I was beginning to think I would wear weave for the rest of my life! Now everywhere I go people comment on how beautiful, healthy and thick my hair has become. Thank you Saleemah, your products are the best!!!
Shamari DeVoe, Platinum recording artist and member of the singing group Blaque,