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I've been using the products for 3 months now and can tell a big difference on my transitioning hair. There's little to no shedding and my super fine hair has gotten very thick. I used to hate washing my hair because of all the hair that would come out during and afterwards. I have little to no hair coming out, no breakage and my hair is really growing. When used together as directed, you will really see a big difference. The follicle mist spray is my favorite. Thank You!
Veronica S
Winston Salem, NC

I love Hydratherma Naturals products. They are the best. Her products was one of the 2nd products I tried when I went natural. I contacted Mrs.Cartwright on Face Book. I was unsure how and what products I should get at the time. She contact me back and told me what products was best for me to get as a new natural at the time. Mrs.Cartwright is the best. My favorite products are the Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion, and the Leave in Conditioner. I will also try out her Botanical Defining Gel and the Hydratherma Naturals Scalp Soothing Shampoo. Thanks so Much once again.
Lakima Lakima
Piscataway,New Jersey

Your products are AMAZING! I've seen great progress since I started using the products a few months ago. My hair and scalp was always dry and itchy which caused breakage. I went to a dermatologist, was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and prescribed a shampoo to use but it only made my hair drier than it already was. So, I stopped using the shampoo in hopes of finding something that would help moisturize my dry hair and soothe my itchy scalp.I came across your web site while searching the internet one day . I contemplated making the purchase but as I continued to read the reviews, I knew I had to give it a try. Luckily I was able to find some of the items (moisture boosting shampoo, protein balance conditioner, follicle mist and hair growth oil) at a local hair supply store and started using them right away. I did place an order for the growth moisturizing lotion, protein leave in conditioner and moisture boosting conditioner. I'm loving the results that I'm seeing with my hair and my 6-yr old daughter's hair too. I just placed another order for some of the items that I'm almost out of it. Hoping there's a sale before the holidays so that I can stock up

Me fav is the moisturizing hair lotion, leaves my hair moisturized and shiny. I also love the moisturizing conditioner, follicle mist spray. My hair has grown so long me healthy using this product! I rave about every time I get stopped and asked what products I use for my hair. Customer as long as I live! Love ya!
Michelle G.

I just wanted to take a moment to say ''Thank You''.. I just love your products and living here in the ''great'' Pacific Northwest, it's not always easy to find great products, that you like and that work... Originally from the Los Angeles area, it was pretty easy and when I left, I still had to wait until I returned home on visits. Now I can sit in the comfort of my living room and place my order on-line, so again thank you and keep up the great work. God Bless!! A very satisfied customer
B. Abney
Port Orchard, WA.

It's been 3 months since, I started using these products and Wow I have seen a big improvement with my hair growth and the health of my hair. My hair is even growing in my crown area where my hair is thin. Can't wait to see what it will look like in 3 more months. Just wanted to say thank you.
Conswala Gates

The best products out there . I have very fine hair and i hate to deal with it . Since i have been using hydratherma products my hair is so strong and beautiful . I am also a Licensed Esthetician and recommend my personal products to all my clients . Keep it up!
Chamire Taylor
Hollywood, FL

I was like a little kid about to get a new toy. I could not wait to get my hydratherma naturals products. I received them and used them two days after receiving them. My hair feels and looks great. The moisture stays in my hair all day. From the roots to the ends i can feel this. I have been only using my hydratherma naturals for 3 days. this is what i purchased in my first order: (1) soothing shampoo bar (2) amino plus prot conditioner (3) leave in conditioner (4) moisturizer lotoin (5) hair growth oil (6) follicle mist. I also took an advantage of the 4th of July sale. I needed to get the herbal gloss heat protector. I just order that now. even with being out in the heat and sun all day yesterday. My hair still had alot of moisture and protein balance. I love this..... !!!!! so far so good. it is great to me.
Paulette Clark Daniels
Battleboro, NC

Since I been using your product I have seen my hair grow from one stage to another.I'm taking pictures hope I'll be able to share them soon. Thank so much for your products
Jennifer Dent
West Memphis Ar

I'm begging you please please please do not change the formula on the Growth Lotion. It's the best product ever for my 4B hair. I don't have to use anything with it and it softens on the first application and feels soft even on the second day without reapplication. This never happens. I don't know if it's the ceramides or the emu oil,but trust me I've tried every product on the market that makes claims to soften hair and I'm left disappointed. I found one from another company that did work and they discontinued the product! So glad to finally find a replacement years later! I hope to try the oil soon. Thanks!!
Atlanta, GA

I absolutely luv your products, I've been natural for a few years and if it wasn't for your products, I may have reverted back to the creamy crack! I couldn't find the right products to give me the balance my hair needed....until I came across your page and started using your products. I'm a loyal customer and would just like to thank you for not only the excellent products but also the great advice that you share with us all! Your products are heaven sent!
Shereka N
Huber Heights, OH

I have only used your follicle mist but I must say it really works well. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford all the products but I would love them. My head was completely bald 5 months ago and I started using the mist and has great growth now... I have hair in areas that I haven't had hair in in over 20 years.

I have been natural for about 6 years and up until now, I have not found a hair care line that works so well with my 4C hair. I have tried a lot of products, but for moisture and protein, these products are super!! I pray your company grows stronger everyday cause your products are the TRUTH!!
Durham, NC

Very good products!!! Throughout my regimen, I have concluded that the Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioning Treatment stops my breakage period! If I notice shedding or breakage of my hair, I will properly follow the directions and treat my hair and then I notice after 2 full treatments my breakage diminishes to a complete stop. I don't know if that is the same for everyone else but that is my experience with this conditioner.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

In a previous post I mentioned that not all ''moisturizers'' penetrate the hair shaft...some ingredients/oils/extracts just can't get through! But, those in @hydratherma Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion do...why?! How? Well, it contains ingredients that have a molecular structure small enough to pass through the cuticle and into the shaft - macadamia, emu, olive, coconut, and shea butter. You all know I am not a cream/butter moisturizer girl because most of them make my hair a greasy mess, but the Hydratherma formula does not! I used a little today (4 day old wash-n-go) on the edges and ends. Smells amazing, and feels moisturized, but not weighed down. Love it! More on moisture/hydration to come soon....I'm working on a full post...♥

I'm sure you get millions of emails Mrs. Cartwright telling you how wonderful your products are and how much you've helped people. I apologize; I'll probably just tell you what you've already heard, but never has a product and its founder moved me to the point of writing a lengthy thank you letter. It was when I decided to do the big chop that I found your products, half way through my first year in college. Located in the middle of NH we had something called ''black hair care day'' where once or twice a term, everyone looking for a weave, shape-up, relaxer or braids (a kind a care for 'african hair' that the two salons in hanover can't handle) would flock to the cutter shabazz fraternity and get their hair done. I couldn't wait every 4-5 months for a relaxer, I would get frustrated when I had to deal with the afro under my straight hair (straight hair that never got past my collar bone). Then I became a spiritual naturalist and wanted the best from and for myself, I realized being a slave to the salon and chemicals was not the way to do that, it even dawned on me that I had no idea what my untouched hair actually looked like, I've had it relaxed since the 4th grade, and in between then and college weaves and extensions; my having long hair was never a natural possibility. So I scoured the internet for a naturally derived product, which was environmentally responsible, with a founder who donated to charity and expressed a genuine passion for what they do, then, low and behold I found you and your hair care line. The first half of the year went fine, my hair got softer and I went over your techniques like bible verses. Then I went to a study abroad program (I didn't have them then but I'm happy now that your products come in travel sizes, I cried out FINALLY on facebook :) ) and in applying what I've learned my hair survived. However, upon my returning, your products returned a softness and shine to my hair that I forgot even existed. Its now a year later and I love my super tiny 4a curls to no end. I'm sorry to go through my mini hair history, so in short thank you, not only for making an exceptional line, but also for teaching others, and donating to others. I recommend your products every chance I get, the natural products help me continue my path to natural beauty; I'm looking healthy, and for the first time in a long time, I love all of me and wouldn't try to change myself in anyway. Thank you for being a part of my evolution and enlightenment, thank you for being a positive force, thank you for being generous and thank you for being fabulous.
Pauline L.

I first want to thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. I spoke to you two weeks ago about my psoriasis. I also ordered the sample pack from Amazon about two weeks ago and I am loving it. I love it so much that I purchased the larger sizes from one of the stores you have listed. I see a HUGE difference in my hair. I washed my hair twice so far and I use the mist, protein balance leave in, growth lotion and oil every day. I am interested in wearing a protective style for about a week and I am not sure how to use the products especially the follicle mist because it may be difficult to massage the scalp. I really love the way my hair feels when I use the products daily but I also realize the importance of protective styles. My daughter complimented me on my hair several times since I have been using the products. She didn't know that I had start using new products so this confirmed the big positive difference in my hair. The only thing I have to get now is the heat protector. They did not have this product at the store. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for everything!!!
Cheryl B.

I just received my entire product line from hydratherma naturals. I have to say that I have no complaints. I bought the regular line not sls free. The shampoos are very cleansing and not stripping,especially when you follow the directions.I did use to much of the moisture boosting shampoo, i had way to much lather in my hair. I have 4c hair and it made my hair soft and squeaky clean.4 days after i washed my hair it is still soft,and fluffy,not weighed down and still smells like cake. My boyfriend says my hair smells like a candle,lol,and he loves candles. Cant wait to achieve well balanced strong growing hair thanks Hydratherma Naturals..=)
Fredericsburg, VA

Hi there,
Usually i don't write testimonials but i had to do it this time. i purchase the whole line by the end of december and received it january the 9th. that's the fastest shipping i have ever seen considering i leave in france and not in a big city.
i was experiencing breakage, some heat damage and dryness for some months now and no matter what regimen or products i adopt, nothing was improving. I even did two major trims in a year or so (3 inches at least each time) and cut the heat the process to zero (except for deep conditioning with a soft bonnet).
i saw a video on you tube about hydratherma naturals and i decided to give it a try after extensive research. The idea of a balanced line which combines hydration with protein strength qualities, looks good specially for me who never knows what and when to do those treatment. A guided method was needed.
Now, i have always considered myself a product junkie which can be easily understood as i never got full satisfaction with the products i bought. Any products, you name it, i probably had or still have in my closet. So every time, i find myself on the hunt for something that works. I probably spent in the last year 2000(2700$) in my hair care madness. This is insane.So back to hydratherma naturals. One word after applying it: WOW. Is it possible to see results so soon? well, i guess yes.
i am really impressed and particularly by the protein deep conditioning treatment et the shampoos. i like to ''feel'' that my hair is clean if you know what i mean and those shampoos are perfect. Go easy with the moisture boost shampoo, the lather is insane if you put too much.
After the shampoos, i was afraid of the drying but my hair was shiny with beautiful curls! The heaven moment was when i applied the protein deep conditioner... seriously hair porn! it softens the hair instantly and i am not even exaggerating.
I followed the instructions to the T and it seems that i lost less hair than usual. We'll see in the months to come. i decided to use only the hydratherma line for the next months. No other brands whatsoever except natural oils. So i will be back to let you know my results in a few months concerning shedding and length retention. The only thing i will add to this regimen is bamboo leaf tea and biotin supplements to help with strength and hair growth.
I hope to grow out healthy and long hair. I am currently a little over shoulder length and i wish to get to bra strap length by the end of the year. i am natural since end of march 2011 and this my second big chop journey. First was june 2009 and i ended up perming my hair. I feel like with proper care i could have been waist length by now but it's ok. trial and error...
In my opinion, my hair is shorter that it should be for nearly 3 years of growth. But with major trims and trouble retaining length, you can't expect better, right?
I noticed that there is not a lot of you tubers reviews on this line on the long run. I may end up starting mine as i find it very helpful to see someone results over time with a specific product or line instead of a one minute review and then product switch... i'll think about it. it may help others with my 4b hair texture(i think but not sure as some parts have looser curls and get heat damaged easily). And it'll be a great way to monitor my progress.
ok i 'll stop now. Thanks to the braves who have been reading me till the end LOL.
To be continued...
p.s: sorry for the mistakes, i am a french native so...
Rennes, FRANCE

I love this product. This is the first product that I have used that makes my hair look healthy and shiny, and very soft.
Mchele Piper
Buffalo, NY

I have always taken good care of my hair, but since using Hydratherma Naturals, my hair has gone to the next level! It is stronger, healthier, and always soft and full of moisture! I rarely ever see those small broken ends anymore. I have found that by using the follicle mist followed by the protein leave in and daily moisturizer, that it even acts as a wonderful styling agent! I get beautiful bouncy curls that are moist and strong. Please keep making this wonderful products!

All I could say was WOW!!! I heard about from a co-worker. I am presently transitioning my hair from permed to natural. My last relaxer was on April 9, 2013. While I did the big chop about 4 years ago, after 2 years of wearing a natural, I went back to perming it. I didn't know how to take care of the natural hair and it was very dry after bleaching it. I don't want to do the bc again but whenever I wash my hair, I have to deal with the tangles and shedding. It was a long, dreadful process (4-5 hours). When my co-worker told me how great this products were, I read all the testimonies. I decided to give it a try since it was Labor Day weekend and I could take advantage of the sale. It took a little longer for the delivery than the others said, however, I chalked it up to the holiday. I used it on a Tuesday night and did as the instructions stated. As I was in the shower rinsing out the conditioner, all I could say was ''WOW!!! Than
Carrie Sealy
Bronx, NY

I started using Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Products around August of 2010, it was the first natural hair care product that I tried, I really loved what it did to my hair, it actually gave it the balance of moisture that it needed, but after I ran out of the products, I never ordered anymore, I just started using other natural hair products, and my hair seemed to stop growing, but I am definitely going to be ordering some more. Just tonight I thought about this great product, because I turned into a natural hair junky, trying to find out what was my hair missing, and realized that it's missing the moisture balance and protein balance, but unfortunately, here in Lakeland Florida I cannot just go to a retailer to purchase it, I have to order on-line. Thanks, you will hearing from me soon.
Sharon Clay
Lakeland Florida

I love these products so much! I received them June 16, and now that is is September 7 my hair has never looked back. A moisture/protein balance really is crucial. My last relaxer was April 27, and I can honestly say I have retained most of my length (minus the one trim I have gotten). Before Hydratherma Naturals my hair was a complete MESS! Thank you Saleema for these amazing products!!!
Carmel Sewer
Mobile, AL

I discovered HTN when I did my big chop in February 2010...there is nothing like these products. Since I have moved back to SE Alabama, I have been trying to get the local hair shops to become a retailer. In the process, I have gotten other naturals to try these products (samples) and they are hooked. Thank you Saleemah and I am doing my best to spread the word.
Monica Eady
Dothan, AL