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I began using Hydratherma in March 2013 and I'm consist with getting my trim every four months from a stylist (I only go to her for trims). I was beyond my four months when I got my last trim this week, actually five months. But, I will say my stylist said she had to trim very little because they looked so good. I know that is due to me using the moisturizing lotion, leave-in, shampoo, and deep conditioner. I have far less shedding and my hair looks and feels so much better. On a side note I ran into Saleemah at the gym and she is so down to earth and friendly. A great product created by someone who has a passion for others to achieve the best for their hair.
L DeShay
Loganville, GA

After performing my big chop in May, 2013, I went on a journey to find the right product that would embrace my natural look, help with growth and keep it moisturized. I spent a tremendous amount of money on other well-known products that did not do the job or either gave me some type of skin irritation. After being sorely disappointed and distressed, I was finally blessed to order the HN samples, and immediately my natural hair fell in love with them so much, till I ordered the entire line of larger bottles including the buttery shampoo bar. My hair is now soft, manageable, growing, balanced, and well-moisturized. Even my the slow growth in my crown area is improving fairly well. All of the products smell terrific! And it is so concentrated that a little does go a long way. My favorites are the daily oil moisturizer, growth oil and follicle mist. All of the HN Tips help as well as the video demonstrations. Thank you so much HN! These products are absolutely great and truly a blessing in disguise! Keep up all the good work!
Sharon Faye Johnson
Greenville, MS

I have been a longtime user of the Hydratherma range since they first launched. Due to me being pregnant and sick I ran out of supplies and decided to use regular products I had in my cupboard. BIG mistake!! My hair started falling out. Now I have restocked on my hydratherma naturals and will never be without them again!
UK London

Six years ago I decided to lock up my hair. I was forced to cut my locks off because of how long they were and it didn't give off a professional look according to the military standards. June 26, 2010 is when i took the big chop. Since then I started to use the Hydratherma Naturals collection and OMG!!!!! I am so pleased with the results. My hair is growing back so strong and healthy. I'm almost being forced to cut my hair again!!! I love the way my hair feels after each wash and applying and following the recommended hair tips and techniques really does help. Thanks, I'm truely a satisfied customer!!!!
Reashell Brightman
Lithonia, Ga


God has blessed me with 4c textured hair. Before using HTN, my hair was very dry. I have been using the products since February 2013 and I can truly feel the difference. Co-workers touch my hair and are amazed at the SOFTNESS:) I am truly grateful for the Lord allowing me to find products that work great on my hair. #NoLongerDiscouraged
Christi Collins
Laurel, MS

Omg I can not wait to buy some more of your hair worked wonders..God Bless You!!! and the company.
Tangala Troublefield
Fayetteville, NC

This product is wonderful. I cant wait until wash day so I can feel and smell these products in my hair. I wash my hair weekly. I've been natural for over 4 years, but still adding stress to my hair by blow drying and pulling on my hair with the brush and flat ironing my hair weekly. No more heat for this head. Your products are made for my head. I LOVE the PROTEIN leave in condition. This makes my hair so curly. I think I'm between a 4b an 4c but more of a 4c. My hair used to be so dry but not now. MOISTURE is all over this head. What a big difference a good product can do for hair.Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for your good products. Keep up the good work on hair line. Faithful customer.
Lasha B

THIS IS CRAZY!!! I have been hearing so much hype about this product. I've just done the big chop with my TWA. I always remembered my hair being a 4b. But with so much dryness it was felt like 4c. So I only purchased 2 products. Shampoo and growth lotion because i wasn't sure. OMG. It's only been 2 dog on DAYS!!! My hair instantaneouly popped back to my 4b. Never in a million years did i think my hair would be this soft. I couldn't sleep b/c I played in my hair almost half the night. b/c it smells divine and my hair was sooo soft. I'm ordering the the whole kit. I just want to say a huge thank you!!! I wanted to jump out my bed and call you but i couldn't cause i don't have your personal number. Additionally my 11 year old son is growing curls and his hair transformed to a softer texture as well. THANKS again. Can't wait to see how this looks once my hair grows out.Sincerly Buyer for LIFE!!
Naturally Tye

I started using these products over a year ago and it is amazing how the proof is in the pudding! I immediately noticed the way it made my hair feel so soft and I noticed a more rapid growth. At first when I ordered my first package, I felt it was a little pricey. in the end it was BEYOND worth it! Not only did it last a few months,but I was able to ACTUALLY see results. I have been testifying to every person with natural hair or in the transitioning stages. It is great to find a product that actually does what it says. You have a customer for life!!!!......Naturally Nikki
Nikki Miller
Indianapolis, Indiana

I have been natural for almost 4 years. In that time I have tried numerous products, read books, and looked up hair care online. I ordered your products about a month ago and in one month I am greatly pleased. Your products make my hair not only feel healthy but look healthy also. I can't wait to see how long my hair will grow. After using the protein conditioner and moisturizing conditioner I noticed that my breakage was very minimal. Since becoming natural I have a lot of breakage. I love Hydratherma Naturals. Thank you
Portia Dee
Aurora, Illinois

I have been transitioning for a year. I bought the trial set of Hydratherma Naturals and I love it. My hair loves it!!!! I have been washing weekly for 5 weeks. I just ordered the complete set and I am awaiting its arrival. Today is April 25, 2013. In 6 months I will give an update on the growth and health of my hair. At the moment, my hair is a little past my shoulder (when it is straightened) My plan is to grow for 2 years before I decide to do a big chop. I am so excited to find a product that keeps me from picking up other products in the store. Thank you!!!
Lakish Blake
Rosamond, Ca

Thank you Saleema, for Hydratherma Naturals. I love the Moisture Boosting Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Treatment. My hair is so soft and manageable after I use it. I also love the smell.
Ashley M
San Francisco, Ca

Before using this product i had been going natural for a year i was wearing weaves a lot so my hair was growing well but, my last sew in took my hair out so bad that all my edges had came out and my hair in the middle it was so weird considering it was braided. i had been looking into this product for about a year an never thought i could afford it. but after i seen how bad my hair broke off i made sacrifices to get the money and it was worth it since November i have been using the product and me edges has grown back so much i still wear weave but i do clips, u parts a wigs i make so that i can still treat my natural i very happy with the product an i will continue to use it.
Flint, Michigan

Hello Saleema and the HTN staff. I wanted to say thank you for offering such a quality product that lives up to its purpose--promoting healthy hair growth. I start using HTN products after a co-worker and close friend, Jarteau H., introduced it to me. She mentioned the health and strength that she has enjoyed from using the products. I was skeptical of the price at first and how effective it would be. After the first two weeks of use, I noticed a big difference! My hair was softer and stronger. I absolutely love the protein leave-in conditioner, growth lotion and growth oil. The smell of all of the products are quite invigorating and I use all three daily. I also have the Moisture boosting shampoo and the Amino Protein Plus Deep conditioner. I have ordered over 6 times since September and sharing the products with my family. Thank you HTN for a quality hair care line. Much appreciated!
Tosha Wilson-Davis
Fort Valley, GA

I have been using the HTN line for one week....I'm experiencing softer,less brittle, curlier hair.....I will never use any other product line AGAIN! HOLLA!
Yolanda Walker
Savannah, Ga

My husband asked me to post a complaint that he has about my hair since I've been using your hair care collection: he cannot fuss at me about getting my hair up off the bathroom floor. He said he noticed today that he has not fussed at me about it since December 2012 when I started using them because its not shedding and breaking off. Thank you :-))''
C. Wells

I'm in love, love, love, love love with your products. With only one use. I got by package and immediately washed my hair.I definitely will be getting the complete large collection. Thanks and I will continue to spread the word on how great your products are.
Jennifer W.

Hi, Hydratherma, I just wanted to say THANKS so very much for taking the time out to make quality products at a affordable price. Next month I will be natural for 1 year and it's been a challenge throughout my journey finding the right products. My hair in the past has experienced breakage and extreme dryness. I have used soooo many products in the past that's been a waste of my hard earn money until I purchased the entire line of Hydratherma. When I look at how moisturized and healthy my hair is now I honestly want to cry due to me being so happy. Please keep the products the same and I appreciate and absolutely love the products. My hair type is a 4b if anyone would like to know(: Blessing to all
Tonya Harris
Raleigh NC

I wanted to follow up to my previous post. Well, I am going into my third month of using the full line. I have to say, you have created an amazing line. I am learning to love my natural texture (4c) with each passing day. I have seen wonderful results thus far. I have to admit, I am very impatient and want my hair down my back overnight. However, I've invested my time into this journey and will continue to be a customer as long as you continue to bless us with your line.
Atlanta, GA

I have to admit although not sure to buy the products, I am so glad I did. My hair is probably a 4C and yes it is kinky but thick so I was worried that it would not work but Thank God for the hair care line. I am a true believer and I will never put anything else in my hair. No other products out there on the market did it for my hair being chemical free so I say yes, yes, to the hydratherma products. As the famous words of Tamar Braxton! She ! Me! I did that. Thanks much love.
Blackstone, VA

I just recently started using HTN and I LOVE it. My hair is so much more healthier, softer and easier to manage. Last evening I used the Amino Protein Deep Conditioner and one of my kids commented on how soft my hair was. The children all started say that my hair is looking so much softer.Thank you Saleemah for HTN and your videos.

I started using your products in November, 2011 after I did a lot of research. My hair was growing but it was very dry. My 1st year Anniversary was February 22, 2012 and I noticed a significant difference in my hair. I was at first very skeptical about Hydratherma Naturals so I started with using the Boosting Shampoo and the Hair growth lotion. As many of you know, that when you begin a Natural journey that you end up having tons of products so I didn't want to have more useless stuff under my bathroom cabinet. Well, in 4 months my hair grew another 3 inches. I was hooked as I watched my hair growth surpass people I knew that had been natural from 1 to 2 yrs. prior to me transitioning! I currently have a layered style with my hair reaching to the top of my shoulder blades. It hasn't even been 2 yrs yet and I love, love, love my hair. This was my 3rd time trying the Natural thing. Thanks to Hydratherma Naturals the 3rd time is the charm!! As a note, I would love to be a hair model if you ever come to Chicago!
Tantra Stovall
Justice, Illinois

You never know how much you miss something until you stop using it!!! I laid off your products for a while mainly because of having to order on line and the extra shipping, so I found another product (S*** ********products) when I first started this product, I said, great this product is okay, ''BUT'' the more I used it the dryer it made my hair and my hair started to snap off!!! I don't get paid until tomorrow, but you can believe your bottom dollar, I will be ordering your products again and this time I will be sticking with it for now on. Your product does in deed keep my hair very moisturized. It took another product and being a cheap scape to realize this. Look for my order tomorrow and forever. Thank-you Hydratherma Naturals
Mary Ann Timmons
Woodbine, Ga

SLS shampoo and the protein conditioner are a God send to me. My hair was so over processed from heat damage, no snap back.. no curl pattern whatsoever. I was literally in tears! A big chop was on the horizon. I deleted the heat from my hair completely and started shampooing with the SLS shampoo and protein conditioner weekly. 8 months later and I can say that hydratherma naturals is the truth. Peace and Blessing sista for starting your line.
Los Angeles