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My absolute FAVORITE product in your line is the Amino Protein Treatment. That stuff is the TRUTH. I have been using it on my leave-out hair while I had the weave in and it really kept it strong! I noticed that it stopped a bit of breakage that I was having after only one use! I also tested this one out on a few of my clients and it worked like a dream on each of them. I love the Moisture/Protein balance leave-in to braid up the hair for the weaves . I have referred many of my clients to your site! All in all, your products rock! I plan to use most of your line for staples for myself. Please continue to do what you're doing because I'm so impressed. I hope you're having a blessed week. Talk to you soon!
Reniece, (Professional Stylist)
Rockville, MD

I ordered the Protein Balance Leave in Conditioner, Follicle Invigorator and the Daily Moisturizing Lotion. The first comment is super fast shipping. I ordered on Monday and the products were on my doorstep Wednesday. I can already tell the products are working and it is truly amazing to me! I use the daily moisturizing lotion and follicle invigorator every day and I can't tell you how soft my hair is. I have been transitioning my hair from a relaxer to natural and I used to see a lot of breakage and little pieces of hair in the sink and some in my comb (I use a wide tooth comb too). Since I have started using Hydratherma Naturals, there has been no breakage and no strands of hair in the sink since washing. I don't even look at other hair care products in the stores anymore because I know I have become a loyal customer of Hydratherma Naturals and have ordered more. This stuff really makes a difference. Thanks to the Cartwrights! AMAZING!! God Bless You!
Winston-Salem, NC

My hair has came to life when I started using your products!!! I can tell you put love, & take pride in every drop that goes into every bottle!!HTN ROCKS!!!
Debra B.
Louisville Ky

I have only been using this line of products for a little less than one month now, but I can already see a difference in the quality of my hair. I currently have a mild texturizer in my hair, but my plan is to transition to natural from the texturizer. The product penetrates my hair shaft--causing my hair to stay moisturized, and my hair doesn't shed. The product is also lightweight and doesn't weigh my hair down. As far as growth and retaining length, I can't comment on that aspect just yet because I haven't been using the products long enough; however, I am sure that the results will be great because my hair is healthier. The fact that the product can be used on relaxed and natural hair is a plus because I can use it on everyone in the household. I highly recommend this product to anyone who desires to achieve healthy hair!!!
Greensboro, NC

I had very fine thinning hair that was very dry and brittle.I am now an ex-hair product crack addict. I have found my fix. I purchased the complete line of Hydratherma. It came on Thursday and I washed my hair the same day. It felt amazing.My hair seemed to scream THANK YOU!!! I sectioned my hair into 4 sections and completed the regiment, twisted it and let it air dry. The next day my hair was so NOT brittle. Thank you Hydratherma for a new lease on my hair. Now I'm looking forward to long growth and thickening.
Brenda Jefferson
Paris, TX

Hello Hydratherma Naturals Team and fellow customers! I absolutely love these products! I was first introduced to this line when I was relaxed. Now, as a natural I use the entire line to pamper, grow and care for my hair. Each product works alone or in tangent with its counterparts to yield magnificent results. Balancing moisture and protein in one product line that is replete with all natural, organic and often exotic oils is hair heaven! I will continue to invest in you all as long as I am able. More importantly, I'll continue to spread the word about your wonderful products!
Shellz Francis
Schweinfurt, Germany

Hello this is my first time for using some of your products, I just brought the growth lotion and OMG it feels better then all the other growth lotions I have ever used...its not to sticky to my hair it give a better shine to my hair it makes my hair feel so softer and easier to manage...i have to get every single product you have...i am so glad that I found this website..i never heard of these products before. i really wished I have..and I also use it on my daughters hair...great results...i have finally found hair products that I can use on me and my daughter's hair.God bless you.
Tangala Troublefield
Raeford, NC

I would like to say that.......I LOVE THE HAIR PRODUCTS!!!! I must admit, it took me some time to read all the information and be sure that this was not something that I would use for a short time and then go back to ordinary hair care systems. Well it has been about 6 weeks since my first shampoo and my hair feels great.To anyone who is a skeptic like myself, this is no ordinary hair care line!!! This stuff is the TRUTH!!! I have recieved many compliments on how healthy my hair looks, feels, and smells. I have even allowed my hair to semi air dry then add moisture lotin and growth oil, I wrap it up and have great hair come morning!! Last week I got a trim and color, and after the initial rinse and shampoo, NO COLOR RAN! Now I'm looking forward to seeing my hair grow and grow and grow!!! Thank you Saleemah! You Rock!!
Consuela Jacobs
Bear, DE

Saleemah and the Healthy Hair Journey team, THANK YOU!!! for making great products for natural hair. My mother and I both really wanted to try your product line after having discovering it through natural hair research. We both really like the products and how they perform on our hair. Our favorites are the protein balance leave-in conditioner, follicle invigorator, the daily moisturizing growth lotion and my especially the daily moisturizing growth oil!! I have never had oil that has made my hair sooo soft, it's like it almost changed my texture but in a good way. My first time using it, I had just got my hair straightened like two days before and wanted to roll it with rollers(no heat) for a curly hairstyle the next morning. So that night I oiled my hair and scalp with the growth oil and rolled my hair. When I took the rollers out the next day and fingered combed it, I was taken aback. It felt like I had someone else's hair on top of my head. I have never ever felt my hair so soft, curly and just beautiful. Saleemah please do not change the product's ingredients because they are perfect the way the are. My mother and I will be purchasing from this line from now on, especially the daily growth oil and the other products mentioned above.
Washington, DC

Before ordering the hydratherma natural products my hair always seemed dry. Since I purchased the products and used them, my hair seems softer than it has ever been. Will continue to purchase products. Thanks!
Natasha Nelson
North Charleston, South Carolina

I just started my natural journey and its been almost two mths! I ordered hydratherma products online at and I love these hair products! I have had tremendous hair growth, new growth whatever you want to call it and its only been two weeks! Forget about mega*** and all that other mess to make your hair grow! This is what you need!!! I already know I will have a ponytail by 6mths! Thank you so much for creating Hydratherma natural products! Plus it smells so goooood too!!!
Tracy Horton
Wahiawa, Hawaii

I must say that this product is by far the best I've ever used. I've been natural going on 2 years now. I've spent 1 year buying every hair product that was available noting ever seemed to work. But someone referred me to hydratherma Natural and after reading all the testimonies, i decided to purchase the whole line.Ive been using the products for 3 weeks now and OMG I love it all. My hair loves it!!! Thank you so much for sharing your products with me. This truly was a prayer being answer for me. I was just about to give up on being natural, but your product came along at the right time. And the Styling Gel is wonderful also...
Oklahoma City, OK

I was using HYDRATHERMA NATURALS when I 1st went natural and it was an amazing experience but I strayed away you know poor college student story, but I always used the Growth Oil because it's just the best, but now I bought the entire line again this time with the SLS Free cleanser and I am just happy with the products I know my hair loves and I honestly I missed my hair smelling like cake batter lol! Can't Wait for ya'll to come to Jacksonville,FL I wish I had a Beauty store or a Salon!
Daysha Evins
Jacksonville, FL

These products are the Best....I've tried a lot of products out there and this is far the best....I love how my hair is always soft and manageable...and to be honest super cute. I wear my hair in a twist set, I do have a relaxer, but u would not know because my hair looks healthy. When I wear my twist set, everyone thinks my hair is naturally curly. That's because of these wonderful products I'm using...I love them....everyone should use they can achieve healthy hair....thank u HYDRATHERMA NATURALS!!!!!!!!!
C. Chavda
Broadview, IL

I purchased the hair follicle, hair growth lotion, and hair growth oil and I am very excited about using the product. I am transitioning for about a year now and was inspired by the you tube video when you did the BC on camera. I used all three products with my weekly regimen. The product felt really good on my hair. I plan on cutting my hair in April/May. I found a shop that sells your product (Go Natural 24/7). The young lady that helped me, explained the products and was very knowledgeble. She even tested them on my hair. I cannot wait to see the results of growth. My hair seemed to stop growing at a certain length. I am speaking long flowing healthy hair. I will keep you posted. May God Bless you....
Rissa Simmons
Lawton, OK

I have been using the Hydratherma Natural Healthy Hair Care products since Jan '11 and I just love, love love, all of the products. I started transitioning back then (I was a bit nervous since I've permed my hair for over 25 years) and it's so easy to wash, condition, twist & go. I just ordered more products 2 days ago and can't wait until I get it. My hair is very think & long, and I love it. Thank you Healthy Hair Journey!!
Port Orchard, WA.

So, I got my Shampoo, Conditioner, Growth Oil and Lotion on January 2. I was wearing a weave at time but still had my sides (temple area free). I decided just to try it on this area until I took my weave out. I started using the growth lotion and oil and within 2 weeks notice the temple area of my hair had started to grow back. I am still in the middle of my transition from related to natural hair. But I am already excited about the future of my hair growth. I will submit another testimoial in 1 month
Westland, MI

WOW....I HAVE BEEN USING THE ENTIRE LINE OF PRODUCTS FOR A COUPLE OF MONTHS NOW...AND WOW...I CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE GROWTH OF MY NATURAL HAIR. I HAVE SINCE RAN OUT OF SOME OF THE PRODUCTS..STILL GOT THE SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER, AND LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER THO. I HAVE JUST PLACED ANOTHER ORDER FOR THE OTHER PRODUCTS, TO KEEP THE REGIMENT UP ON CARING FOR MY HAIR. THESE PRODUCTS ....AIN'T NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!MYRA JOYNER, NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA. After weeks of debating about buying this product line I finally did and just used the products for the first time today and I love it. I just simply love the way my hair feels. Normally it's so dry after I wash and condition it with other products and would never retain moisture, always dry and brittle. BUT today I notice a huge difference in the shine, softness and overall feel of my hair just after one use of the hydratherma products. I'm so glad I ordered the entire line. If you are unhappy with your hair take a chance after all what do you have to lose but a lot to gain. Be bless and enjoy the journey.. I will

Okay, so I drove 2 hours just to purchase the moisture boosting collection from one of the retail locations. I don't really have an issue with my hair growing, in fact my hair grows a little more than a 1/2 inch a month. I cut my hair off in the beginning of 2009 and again towards the end of 2009. I also get my ends trimmed a few times a year. I do not perm my hair because perms don't usually take and my hair had become very damaged. My biggest problem has been retaining length. I colored my hair in the end of 2010, and that was the biggest mistake I made. The dye is almost completely gone due to breakage and trimming the ends. Overall, my hair is very dry to the point that the ends of my hair would become very brittle and break off. I was loosing so much hair with every comb; and I mean it was a lot of hair. Also, the strands of my hair had become was horrible. I washed/and conditioned my hair last night with the Hydratherma Naturals product for the first time. Immediately, I noticed that I did not have much shedding...I know it sounds crazy, but I can assure you that I did not have much shedding; and my hair felt extremely soft. I love the way the products make my hair feel and the growth oil and growth conditioner smells GREAT. The products I used were the: Amino Clarifying Shampoo, the Moisture Boosting Shampoo, the Moisture Boosting Deep Conditioner, the Protein Balance Leave-In Conditioner, the Follicle Mist, the Growth Lotion and the Growth Oil. I did forget the Protein Deep Conditioner that I will order from the website. I look forward to continuing to use the products; and I will be purchasing the products for my sister and niece soon. Thanks.

I love this product, and plan on buying more.

All I can say is thank you Lord. I have very very dry course hair. I have tried everything. I ordered your shampoo and growth oil and after one use, my hair ends were no longer dry. I love it. I was ready to give up on going natural but now I have found my hair saving grace.
Janice B
Tampa fla

I love the protein and moisturizing lotion. Does great to my hair . IT LEAVES MY HAIR VERY SOFT AND EASY TO HANDLE .

I am about to place another order, this time I'm ordering the entire line. My staples are the growth lotion and oil and I added the leave-in conditioner then the styling foam. My husband, yes my husband, suggested that I order the entire line because he loves how healthy and thick my natural hair is beginning to look. He is almost as excited about the product line as I am. Thanks Again for the products and the videos.
Tonya A.
Capitol Heights, MD

I absolutely love this product!. My twist outs are so healthy, soft and shiny. In about 2 days, I'll reach my 1 month anniversity after my BC. Within this time, I've used and experimented with so many different products, watch many you tube videos, of different products that claim to have good results. Trust me Hydratherma is a GOD send. I will use no other on my hair. Thank you.
Toni Sills
Atlanta, GA

How are you? My package came on Friday 10-28-2011. Lady let me tell you the products are GREAT!. I am well pleased with how they left my hair feeling. That was only one wash. I just am so excited about what is to come of my hair using the product.
T. Hall