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We have been receiving so much positive feedback about our Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection! If you love our products, leave us a message below.  Join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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I have us your products now. All I can say is that I love it. From the bounce, to the shine,to the fullness. It has been along time since I have seen my hair like this. The thinning I once had is filling out. I love everything about this line especially the growth lotion. All I do is tell everyone who once to listen about Hydratherma Naturals. Thank you
Houston, TX (Louisiana Born)

The products are awsome.There has been a great change in my hair. I am going to order the whole line. Now my work is easy. My hair is so soft.
W. Bailey
Tallahassee Fla

I can truly say since I've use your products.My hair has came back were it was out in the top of my head I had a bald spot and I took hair vitamins and it didn't help so when I started ur line I see a different in my hair I love it and will not trade it for nothing

I am in utter shock with these products. I had a great hair regimen prior to these products but spoke with a coworker that uses Hydrathermals and encouraged me to try to take the ''guess work'' out of the PH balance process. I have used Hydrathermals for 3 weeks and my hair had taken to these products like a moth to a flame. My hair has thickened up and has grown at least a 1/2 inch. Seriously, is this possible? I am consistent in my regimen, but I did not expect to see results this fast; it's almost scary. It's incredible. I also use these products on my daughter's 3C hair and her hair has perked up. It's so soft and manageable. She uses the detangling method you have shown in your video. After sitting and watching your videos we have both walked away with a new found respect and responsibility towards our hair. I am a permanent customer and I have my sisters ordering as well. Thank you for creating hair products that work for the greater good of healthy hair and also taking the time to create videos we can learn from and apply to our own manes. Truly a blessing.
Melissa Morris
Capitol Heights, MD

I absolutely love your hair products. My hair looks and feels healthier since I started using your products in early July. I have noticed some growth, especially in the crown and back of my head where my hair is thinner. I just re-ordered my daily products- leave-in conditioner, follicle hair mist, growth lotion and growth oil. I have recommended your products to family and friends. Thank you!
Columbia, MD

Yesterday, I received my first order of Growth Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner and Growth Oil. I decided to wash my (relaxed) hair and my daughter's thick natural hair last night and use the products. The results were absolutely fantastic. My daughter's hair, which is usually very dry, felt really soft - I could tell the difference, even immediately after shampooing. I used the growth lotion and oil to twist her hair for school and it looked and felt beautifully moisturized. My hair was also much softer and manageable. You have a wonderful product line here. Don't change the formula whatever you do, and I will be a customer for life! Many thanks.
Susan Deane Beckles

I am awaiting the arrival of my third shipment which includes the leave-in conditioner and foamy silk curly styler. I haven't tried these products but am excited to try them as the growth hair lotion and growth hair oil are amazing. I started using the hair lotion and oil August 2011 and I can't keep my co-workers from continuously touching my hair. I normally wore my hair straight since becoming natural in 2003, but since viewing the hydrathermal naturals videos I have been wearing a curly fro to give my hair a vacation from heat. I just can't say enough about hydrathermal naturals line. My husband is loving the healthy hair that hydrathermal naturals has created. I have become interested in caring for my hair again. I may do a blow out for the holidays......or not. There are so many protective styles from your videos that I haven't tried yet that the holidays may be too soon to go straight. Oh, I give your website to all of my fellow naturalistas at work who ask about my hair. Thanks Again.
Tonya A.
Capitol Heights, MD

I used this product for the first time last night 10/3/2011. My hair was very dry and brittle (I could put a match to it and would catch fire with no problem). After shampooing, conditioning and blow drying my hair immediately started feeling soft and has so much life to it. I am so amazed and will continue to use the product.
Waldorf, MD

So far, your product has been the best for my hair. The Daily Moisturizer with the Oil, keeps my hair from feeling dry. If you haven't thought about it, you should consider a recycling program for your bottles.
New Jersey

Best Natural Products Hands Down!!!! Only Products I will ever use on My Hair!!!I have searched for years for a Complete Line of Products that made my hair Healthy!!!! Very Pleased with Hydratherma Naturals!!!! Mrs. Saleemah Cartwright is Truly Heaven Sent!!!!! I order the whole set in large sizes and I am so Happy that I did!!!!!
Sherry G.
Newington, Connecticut

I am very particular about the products I use on my hair and skin, and I was ''talked'' into purchasing the Protein Moisture Balancing Lotion. I am so ADDICTED to that stuff! It makes my hair so pliable and soft to the touch, and SHINY! I have had people ask me what I do to my hair and what Im using, the only new product is this one, so I have to give it credit! I plan to try all the styling products, Im pleased thus far!!!
S. Cherie
Charlotte, NC

I absolutely love the daily moisturizer and the oil. I used your products once before and strayed away (WHY DID I DO THAT?), but could not find any other products that make my hair feel so soft and manageable.I ordered your products on Saturday and received them on Tuesday, I must stay that is fast shipping and i love that about your company. I will be making another order soon because my niece loves them too and she is about to take mine. She says they smell good enough to eat! Thanks Saleema and God bless you!
M.D. Lofton
Cordele, Ga

I think I have finally found the best product out there! Hydratherma Naturals! Omg!! I have fell in love with it. I just received my sample product a few days ago. I immediatly tried the hair growth lotion, (love the smell too!) and growth oil. I also ordered the sea silk styler and the herbal gloss protector and I must say my hair absoultly loves it!! After I received my sample for the growth oil and lotion and tried it, I immediately had to order the larger size. I haven't tried the shampoo products yet but, I know I will love them too. Saleemah just wanted you to know you are God Send. You have a wonderful product and it works well!! my hair is always so dry and dull looking, even after a few uses, my hair looks so much better and shiner already! Thank you so much and you have a life long customer!
Easton Md.

The first time I purchased this product was in the month of June 2011. At this time, is when I finally decided to relax my hair. I am a young college student and I always braided my natural hair myself. I grew tired of braiding my hair and since it was so time consuming I decided to relax. I am so happy that I came across these products because I think it is the best thing that has happened to my hair. I purchased the entire line and let me tell you that my hair is always moisturized and has amazing shine. These products do not weigh down my hair and it has aided me along my healthy hair journey. I LOVE ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS. When I relaxed my hair for the second time I did not not have one single split end and I went from shoulder length hair to BSL. These products help fight breakage and dryness. I will continue to use these products. Highly recommended!!
St. Thomas, USVI

I have been using your products for about two years and they are an absolute God-send and worth every penny. I recently started using the SLS Free Moisture Hair Cleanser instead of Selsum Blue. I suffered from extreme dandruff for years and nothing really worked. This shampoo removed all dandruff from my scalp!! I couldn't believe it. this is an awesome product.
Jacqueline S.

I LOVE these products! My hair has made a complete turnaround from the fragile state that is has been in. I use all of the products and I dont know what I would do without them. My son has extremly dry scalp and he uses Hydratherma products as well and its made such a difference. I recently took advatage of the labor day sale!
South Bend, Indiana

My hair was very dry and breaking. I purchased the daily styling kit at Northlake Mall and maybe 2 days later, my hair started feeling softer. I like the products. I hope they make my hair grow.

Thank you Hydratherma Naturals. I recently completed my transition in May of this year and had been struggling trying to find the right products for daily use on my natural hair.I had been watching of course... several blogs, vlogs and web sites for the care of natural hair . Lets just say the Healthy Hair Journey site was one of the best when explaining what products are necessary for our textured, kinky , curly hair types. The Moisture- Protein balance just made sense to me and I ordered some of the products...needless to say the site has ben marked as a favorite and I will be ordering more product. I love the way my hair feels and looks with this product ...My hair growth and retention have been great. thanks again Hydratherma Naturals.
Robin G.
Chicago, IL

I have been using the entire line of hydronatural since Feb. 25,2011 when I decided to go natural.My edges was severly damaged from the chemical(perm),which left me with severe shedding and minor baldness.After two months of using hydrothermal natural the shedding stopped and all the ball(damaged) area grew back nice and thick. I transition for five months and then I did the BC.My hair has doubled in length and I am now able to make miniture plaits that is about one inch long.It was longer then that before the BC; BUT it had to be cut even to look I wash and condition twice a week and I use the follicle mist and growth lotion and oil daily.I have lead many to this product by showing them my journal and pictures that was dated.They are loving it and you will too!!!!
Wanda Adams
Munford, Tn

Hi just wanted to say your products are great and I love them I use the growth lotion,follicle spray both smell very good. Thanks for making such great products may you continue to be blessed:}
S. Mcbride
Char, NC

Heeeeey Saleemah....I have been natural for about 2 and a half years now I was keeping it cut short at first and nothing but quick weave. Needless to say I found out that’s bad for your hair. I stopped with the weaves and I have been using your product for about 1 year now and I would have to say I loooove it. The humidity here in Arkansas is a killer on my hair. But with the use of your products, my hair is no longer dry or brittle. What I love about the products the most is the way they smell such a beautiful, light citrus smell. Thanks for this product line I leave and breathe by it.... 100% N
Little Rock, AR

July 25, 2011 - I just had to tell it! I have been using your products for a little over 3 months. I use the Hair Follicle Invigorator, the Leave in Conditioner and the Hair Moisturizer. Two days ago I could not figure out why the top of my head was itching so bad and kind of sore. The scalp also felt different. I went to get a mirror and noticed that new hair was growing out of a bald spot that I have had for over 10 years. I had to show my husband. I am amazed. I was just about to give up on the products and write them off as a loss because I have used just about 75% of the follicle invigorator. All I can say is thank you for your products! They work!
Pensacola, FL

Hello, Diva I would like to say Thank you, I'm waiting for Hydratherma Natural product at my door steps any minute. I tried the mini bottles and wow I regret ordering those so, this time I ordered the full set (large bottles). Now I went to many stores when I ran out of product and compared everything and your product is the best. All these other products had so many ingredients just couldn't understand and plus may hair was still brittle and dry like now :( I got online and said no!!!!! holding back Im getting everything. Thank you Diva
Paulett Jones
Riverside CA

I just wanted to say how much I'm loving your products. When I wash my hair now, I absolutely can't believe how manageable it is. I'm like whose hair is this and where did mine go? lol The texture is changing for the better. I'm all natural and before using your products, it was work just trying to get a comb thru it but no more. I use to be a weave & wig wearer because I adore long hair but it was a security blanket for me. Finally, I shed the weaves & wigs and decided to focus on the solution instead of the problem. Thank you for freeing me. My hair is healthy & its growing. Now, I'll be able to adore MY own head FULL of hair. Once again, thank you for creating hydratherma naturals.