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We have been receiving so much positive feedback about our Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection! If you love our products, leave us a message below.  Join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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I started off using HN when I did my big chop back in April of 2010. I fell in love with the daily styling set instantly. I had stopped using it only because of the price. I then started using s*** ******** products from target because I could buy it locally and it was cheaper. Needless to say that my hair never felt the same as when I was using HN. I have gone back to using HN and will not change again. I can't wait until Saleema is able to sell her products in stores across the US!
St Louis, MO

I have been using Healthy Hair Journey products since Aug 17, 2010. On that day is when I decided to do the Big Chop! I was very nervous and apprehensive at first, but then I decided to walk by faith. I figured, it is what it is. I have never had short hair before and it was a first. I've included some hair growth pictures to show the progress that my hair has been going through. I appreciate great products such as Healthy Hair and highly recommend this product to everyone. Thank you
Elizabeth Lee
Denver, CO

I ordered the samples to test out the products. My hair is type 4c and very dry and very difficult to manage. I was having a very hard time finding that right product to add moisture to my hair. I read the testimonials and decided to give it a try. And I love it...... And it smells good. I went by the instructions that was included in the package and it left my hair feeling soft and manageable all day long. Needless to say I will be ordering the larger sizes immediately!!! Thank you so much for producing and sharing such an awesome product!!!
Shelandra Jordan
Jasper, AL

I am so happy to be going down this journey of Healthy Hair products. I have been using your product for about a month now and my hair is doing exactly what you said it would do along with following your instructions. I have no breakage and my hair is very strong even after I decided to put a relaxer in my hair. Also, I want to thank the owner for calling me back when I first order my product. She really made me fill comfortable and important. With customer service like that along with your product God willing you will be successful. I am close to 60 year old. I was force to let my cosmetology license go because of allergy reaction to chemical product. Even my scalp would itch along with my hands. You can say I had it real bad. Finally I got it under control a few years back. I am telling you this to say that your products agree with my body chemistry. Thank you so much for finding what works for the African Sisters hair.

i have been using the products since july 2010, and omg i tell you i love the results i have sents pictures i had thinning edges real bad i stated using these products and i have my edges back also my hair is thicker now and much long, i love the whole product line, but my favorite is the growth lotion and follicle spray stuff, i have never had my hair be this moistrized when i wake up in the morning, i love this product so much to where i have nothing in my house but this im a keeper.. keep the products coming please.
san lorenzp ca

Hello. I have my order and I must say it delivers in every way and you have gained a customer for life! Hands down better than any product out there ! Thanks Again

hi i just received the products yesterday and i have to say that I'm lovin it. i love the smell and i can see the change in my hair even after i just washed it. i love the moisture deep conditioning and well the whole set. i wanna try next the curl styler well everything. i know it takes patience but i cant wait. i love your products and keep up the good work. Even though i ordered by mail it took 5 days for it to get here and for me that is pretty quick cuz i live pretty far and i usually wait for a week or 2 but it was worth both time and money. thank you once again and God bless you and your business. :D
Isabela, PR

Hi there, I recently ordered the Hydratherma Naturals growth lotion and oil. Simply put I already love these products. My hair feels softer than it has ever felt before. I am excited about my health hair journey now. I will let you know how it goes and I will also chart my growth. Thanks for providing such quality products at such reasonable prices.
Michelle Stewart
Brooklyn, New York

Hello,I have been using Hydratherma Naturals products for nine months. I have a condition called psoriasis that affects my scalp and no other products were helpful. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying products that would not irritate the condition and promote growth. Honestly, prior to using this product I had dry hair and an unhealthy scalp. Most importantly, I was unable to successfully grow hair due to lack of moisture. I viewed one of Ms. Selene's videos and I believed what she was saying. She had compassion and seemed genuine. I also use the product on my 6 year old daughter who in the past dealt with breakage and tangled hair. Now, I can honestly say that we have both experienced healthy hair growth. I know that the Lord allowed me to navigate to the Healthy Hair Journey web site. It was not by accident and now I have a head of healthy hair. It was important for me to view the tutorials and receive the most out of the information provided. I wanted to empower both my daughter and myself about natural hair, ''kinky hair is beautiful and it can grow.'' It was my duty to research and provide us both with the tools we needed to be more confident!

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I order the daily styling collection set about 3week ago!AND I LOVE IT!!I JUST HAD TO TELL U THAT!!! Im about to order the foaming sea silk. Iam (BROKE) LOL but i dont care iam ording!!!Thank u soooooo much!!!
C. Benson

I just wanted to tell you that I love the product and have told all my employees at Time warner cable and believe they have ordered your product and they love it to.I have the boosting shampoo and conditioner, growth lotion, growth oil, follicle and sea curler wouldn't use any other product. I haven't had it long and in these couple of weeks my hair has grown so much its unbelieveable. Thank you so much.
Lawanna McMillan
Charlotte, NC

Love your products. I'm telling all my family and friends about your amazing line!!!
Nashville, TN

I just wanted to tell you that I love,love your product. I have orded once before but didn't take the time to see if it really worked for my hair, I continuely tried different types of products and again i ended back to your website. lol. I ordered 2 sets of your product i have done research for soo long to know that this is the right product for me, I actually found a product that really really works! Thanks again, your amazing! my hair feels and looks healthy! I was thinking if I should were my weave in the summer and as i was playing in my hair I said I think I would rock my own hair this summer! lol. keep the video coming please! God has truely blessed you with a gift! God bless you.
madison wi

Hi I was doing research online trying to find a product that will help hair retain moisture. I would wear my hair up and put a clip in ponytail on. My hair would grow really well because I wasnt doing a lot to it but the minute I would attempt to wear it down it would be fine for two days and then in would start to snap off really fast, no matter what I used on it. So thats when I decided to research and found your products. I saw your videos on youtube and I was amazed. Ive sent the videos to my sisters and encouraged them to get your products. I started with a few of them and I cant believe the difference in my hair. My hair use to tangle really bad with knots and now it doesnt. It makes washing my hair soooo much easier. I am now waiting on the rest of the productsto come in the mail YAY! I'm going to relax it and I will start my healthy hair journey pics soon. I just want to thank you for coming up with a product and a formula that works!!!!!
Ruby W

It is now my 4 year old daughter and I, forth month using the complete collection of the Hydratherma Products. We both suffered from dry hair and of course our hair was breaking off. We both have thick, course hair. Our hair is so soft and strong now. I use the growth lotion and oil twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed. I have learned so much on how to take care of our hair and the results is a motivator to continue the regimen of washing and conditioning on a weekly basis. And I do where perms but I have switched to Lye Relaxers and I have extended my time over two months before I do a touch up and have began doing more roller and wrap sets instead of using the flat iron so much. I tell you, This product is worth the investment. My hair and my daughters hair is worth it. I have tried Carol's Daughter for my daughter. It does not compare at all. Follow the directions you are given and you cant go wrong. Thank You!
Lona Perkins
Baton Rouge, LA

Hello, i order from you for the first time. I use it, follow your direction from youtube. Lady let me tell you i am a product junkie from a******* products on down the line. My-Hair-Feels-So-Moist and Strong right now that i'm so glad i tried out other products first to see and feel what really works for my hair. Child, your product is mine. I go for healthy hair instead of bits and pieces of styling products to make it look good. I can tell my hair from the first use that it's going to be healthy. Thats you, P.S. I will spread the good news.
Daphne Brown

Seelema, your hair care products are a God send. My hair is so soft. I just received the products today and my hair is loving the Moisturizing Growth lotion and Growth Oil. Thank You Hydratherma Naturals!
Keisha James
Pontiac, MI

Seelema you have to be in AWE at all of the comments you receive concerning your products. In addition to these products actually doing what they say they do,have you considered why you have been so successful with these products? You keep it real!!. You don't mind sharing all of your wonderful tips in acquiring healthy hair. I remember once seeing a woman with the most gorgeous hair. I complementer her and asked her a question about her hair. This woman looked at me and acted like she did not hear a word I said. That is not you!!! You want to share your success with all of your sisters world wide. I appreciate that about you instead of wanting to be the only one with beautiful hair you are helping women every where find the beauty in their GOD given crowns of glory. May you continue to be unselfishly successful in all that you do. You indeed have a gift and that is the gift of sharing. We need more people like you. You are truely awesome! Yes ladies of the world the product indeed works. Every thing that you are reading and have read is true. I used them for a little over a month. I never thought that people would compliment me on my hair because it was always dry,brittle and coarse looking. Hydratherma products have truely changed all of that. I sport a TWA and not only are people of color complimenting me on my hair, Whites are also complimenting me. Don't waste time ladies, order now, start growing your hair healthy and strong. Get what you need to fill in those balding areas in the tops of your head, the temple areas. All I can say is the product works. Thanks Seelema!
Joyce Clayton
Atlanta, Georgia

Prior to using your products for the past three years my hair was shedding like crazy every time I washed it. I was at my wits end. After using your products for 2 washings the shedding has COMPLETELY stopped. I mean, not one hair in the sink - it's unbelievable! I used every product imaginable and could not stop the shedding. You have a great product. This is the real deal.
chicago, il

I really want to thank you for the items/products from your line that i won, they really have become a staple in my regular routine.The deep Conditioner is my FAVORITE....after using it, it leaves my hair silky soft...and now i have to pretty much hide my products from family and friends lol thx again <3

I love,love,love the daily moisturizing growth lotion,I just got it the other day and goodness it has a wonderful really soften an my hair,I will continue 2 order that 4 sure.I would like 2 order other products as well.As soon as I save more money I sure will.Thank you.Thank you!
Georgetown, SC

I've been using Hydratherma Naturals and I love the way my hair feels so soft,less hair in my comb, and smells wonderful.It's worth every penny!
Bren Bren

These products are great, I bought the whole set and have been using it daily. My hair always looks and feels moisturize. I currently have a small afro and I am planning on growing it out, this is the first time that my hair looks and feels moisturize all day. With other products by mid day my hair would look dry. I am looking forward to see how long my hair will grow. Thanks for this product. Will update later on.
Sharon E.
Lompoc, CA

It worked.
new york

I just recently made the big chop and I was having a hard time keeping my hair moisturized because it's naturally dry and brittle. So I got the Daily Moisturizing Growth lotion and my little fro is so soft nowand I no longer have dry, brittle hair! My hair is also growing rapidly, people complement me all the time.
Kay S.
Atlanta, GA