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We have been receiving so much positive feedback about our Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection! If you love our products, leave us a message below.  Join our growing list of satisfied customers!

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I absolutely love your products. My hair is definetly healthier since I started using it in Jan 11. No need to look any further for products, I'm sold!!!!
Aegeda F.
Houston, Texas

I posted about 3 weeks ago.... But I just placed my 4th order and I just can't believe how much my hair is growing and retaining length... I really hope this product stays around for ever or my hair might just fall out.... Lol lol lol.. Just joking, but really my hair needs this product. I plan to post pictures really soon. Thanks Hydratherma Naturals.....
Tanisha L.
Irvington NJNee'Nee Irvington NJ

I have just ordered the complete collection. I have seen the results of your product on my sister she started using the products after her BC last yr. She is one yr natural and loving it. I cannot wait til mine arrive. I plan on transitioning without the BC. I will let you know how my hair love your product soon. God Bless!
Sharron A.
Cleveland, Ohio

My friend and I had reviewed your web site, she convinced me to purchase the products. I have a thyroid problem and my hair was brittle and had all fallen out with my looking like a man about the head. I finally purchase a complete kit February 2, 2011. I've never allow my hair to go back to the natural state and last night, March 4, 2011, got a relaxer for the first time in over four months. My salon tech was shocked to see my hair in the natural state but was even more amazed of how healthy and long my hair was. This is when I informed her about you products and she is now about to purchase some for her shop, and encouraged me to continue to use your products. I have friends in Maryland and South Carolina who are now looking into purchasing the products as well. Thanks for allowing God to use you with the gifts that He has placed inside for you to share. Thanks for a wonderful experience in seeing my hair healthy and growing again. I do feel like a lady these days.
Aubrey K.
Louisville, Kentucky

This stuff grew my hair , my hair is two inches from my bra , but now have to cut about a inch off due too perm, or lack of one.. I decided to grow my hair without the big chop ,but now that I have not perm my hair almost a year.. I have to cut finally the rest of the perm off... I started using healthy Hair journey products about a year ago, then stop.... Hair does not feel as silky. Or healthy..... Trust me this will grow long beautiful hair. If u stick with it, there is nothing else out there like it ...... I have tried to find something close to it, to keep from mail ordering, but there is nothing out there.... Good luck on all hair journeys.... Women of color,your hair can grow to your bra line.... If you take the time to take care of it.......
Chesterfield mi

I'm a newbie to the Hydratherma's Fam. I have been searching for years for products that can actually do what it says it will do. I felt that once I had found Hydratherma Naturals,I was definitely on to something Devinely Ordered. I ordered my complete set on this past Thursday, Feb.24,2011. How about it was on my doorstep the next day(that's customer service at its best). The first thing I wanted to make sure I did past tearing open the packages and looking at all of the products was take some before pictures. My current hair status is 4a with 4b at my crown and a little of 3c at my nape. The length of my hair is described best as just sweeping the upper back of my shoulders. Im so excited to say how different my hair felt after my first shampoo experience. Im waiting for some time to past before a give another report. So until then, from another faithful customer, God Bless You Saleemah.
Monique P.
Columbus, GA

Lovin this stuff..... Omg. I started using this product last Dec. 2009. Before I started using it the products I chop my hair off even , about middle fingers lenght. Well let's just say I am a middle fingers lenght away from my braw strap. I stop relaxing my hair and I've been wearing braids. Just want to say thanks to this product my hair is long and healthy. Many Thanks....
Nee Nee
Irvington NJ

I ordered hydratherma naturals over a year ago and used them everyday and retained so much length...I ran out of products and just ordered some more and they came today! My mother and sister just went natural and both of them ordered these products as well and we are all excited about how healthy our hair is about to be and how much it's about to grow!! I will be emailing some pictures of my growth journal so I can be a model on the site!! Thanks Saleemah for all of your tutorials and these amazing products!!
Tonya Coleman
St Louis, MO

I just received my hair products and I think I will be a loyal customer! Me and my hair did not get along when it came to styling. I have tried all kinds of different products when it came to doing twist outs and every time I would just end up re-wetting my hair in frustration because of the less than desirable results. Well I used the Foaming Sea Silk Curly Styler for a dry twist out last night and I was truly pleased with the results this morning! Thanks for the great product Saleemah!
Melodee A.
Indianapolis, IN

After trying literally everything under the hair is finally on cloud 9! This line and the tips Saleemah provides has been a God send! Between the DT and protein curls experienced an immediate and noticeable resilience! Since my BC in Aug '09, many friends and family members ask ''me'' hair tip questions and seek me out as their go-to person...who would have thought!?! Thank you wouldn't be enough...My favorite products...are the Foaming Sea Silk Curly Styler, Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion, Moisture Boosting and Amino Plus DTs and the Hair Growth Oil.
Schanequa C.
Houston, TX

My hair loves your products. I have tried every ''natural'' hair care product that I could find and my hair stayed very, very dry until NOW. From the first moments I used these products, my hair was in love. I have no dryness. My hair is sooo soft. I am amazed at the dramatic change. Thank you.
Bronx, N

Update- It has been 2 weeks of my trying the deep conditioning (protein and moisture) and I love it. My hair was shedding but now the shedding as subsided. For anyone who has doubts, please try the products because they are well worth the investment.
Centreville, VA

Just wanted to say thxs for making such a kick a@@ product line! it works wonderfully for my hair and I have noticed an immediate difference in the look, feel, and condition of my natural hair after only 1 week! Keep doing what u r doing and pleeeze dont change a thang!!! Good Luck and All the best :-)
Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to thank you for these amazing products. I went all natural and made the big chop a little over a year ago and couldn't find anything to help me hair grow and maintain moisture as well. Searching thru youtube last summer, I came across your videos and was very impressed and ordered your product immediately. I've been a faithful customer every since. My hair is healthy and growing like crazy!!!! Once again Thank You, keep up the excellent work you're doing and Stay Blessed my natural sista!!!!!
Ms. Snooky
Dayton, OH

What got my attention was your big chop on you tube. Anyone having that much faith in a product amazed me. I BC Aug 2010 and have use your products and have been extremely amazed at the results. I love my hair and it's growing. I must admit I strayed and became a PJ. However, I returned to HHJ because nothing else made my have feel or look as good as your products do. I began with hair so short by the time i went downstairs it was dry. Now i have over 4.5 inches of beautiful healthy hair. Thank you!!!
YaLonda G.
Manassas, VA

I absolutely love these products. My hair is growing back healthy and I am now loving how my natural hair feels. I love the curls I have which are soft to the touch!!! I encourage anyone who is curious but afraid to try the products, to lay your doubts to the side, and give them a try.
Centreville, VA

I ordered the entire product collection (all large sizes) on a Monday and received them on Wednesday. Thanx for the prompt and fast delivery. I want to tell you also that I decided not to continue transitioning my hair and took the gigantic leap and cut allllllllll of my hair off. I now have about 2 inches of hair, lol. Your products are working wonderfully on my hair. I thought that I would have to wait to see how my hair responds to it over time and that is the furthest from the truth. My hair is very soft and my curls are quickly gaining definition. I love the smell of the products and it is SO VERY TRUE when others have said that alot of your products go a LONG WAY. This tells me that this product line is definitely quality over quantity and I truly appreciate that. I have been telling everyone I know about your products and have really peaked major interest. After showing a few ladies your very informative website and how-to videos, they all said that they will be ordering your products. I also unknowningly inspired a couple of my family members to go natural. I have given all of the credit to you Saleemah, because without your website, willingness to share all of your tips and knowledge, posting all the how-to youtube videos, I would not be where I'm at right now with my hair. I started my Hair Journal and my goal is to have at least 5inches of growth by July 11. I will be taking pictures every month to track my progress and then will submit them to be used as a testimonial to encourage other women. Keep up the great work and may God continue to bless the work of your hands.~
Milwaukee, WI

I started using these products 4 weeks ago and they live up to every promise that is advertised. I have seen a remarkable difference in the texture and thickness of my natural hair. I never miss a day of using the daily moisturizer and follicle invigorator!! I just ordered the growth oil and protein leave in conditioner and will give an update in 4 weeks. Try these products. You will not be disappointed!!
Nashville, TN

I tried this product for almost a year now and my hair has grown out so wonderful and soft. I do have to make sure my ends stay clipped to keep a nice even look and I love this product.
Sharee H.
Chicago, IL

I have been using these products for approximately 4 wks and love them. They actually do what they say they will do. I am natural for the second time in my life and these products have made daily maintence effortless. Due to many years of misapplied relaxers, tight braids and ponytails, my edges became thin, but are now thickening back up. Thank God.
Centreville, VA

awesome product..i can't stop touching my hair its soooo soft...i was a product junkie..i have a lot of products..i purchased hydratherma shampoo and deep conditioner wow great results i will purchase the oil and leave in conditioner hair was so dry and brittle like straw from relaxers and dyes..i want to refrain from the relaxer and try to go natural..
eva j.
lafayette louisiana

Ok....I have to echo many of the comments that have already been posted. Ordered my Complete Set of Hydrotherma products on a Tuesday and received on Thursday afternoon! I was totally impressed with the speed of receiving the product. After placing my order online, I received status emails and everything, overall, with the ordering process was very professional. The products are the BOMB! I used them the first day I received. After shampooing my hair with the moisture boosting poo...I could immediatley see and feel a difference in my hair. I absolutely love the follicle invigorator and hair growth lotion...they smell wonderful! I shampooed again today and my hair looks and feels so very good. I am a customer for life. I will log back on in a few months with an update but so far I am very satisfied and do really see a difference. So excited and looking forward to my journey. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and may God continue to bless you in your endeavors!
Kenya W.
Park Forest, Il

Once again just wanted to say Thank you, Thank you!!!!I received my products yesterday (couldn't wait to get them) and tried the hair growth oil for the first time. LOVED IT!!! My Hubby likes the way my hair smells. This is my 2nd year natural and your products has made it possible for me to continue to have beautiful healthy hair. Thanks again HTN!!!
Spring, Tx

To be honest, i purchased this line last yr and i thought it was ok, i thought it didnt work for me...but somethin told me to try it again and i think you've made some great improvements, in love with everything all over again..i used the hair lotion and the oil last night on my braidout n usually i have hair come out when i do braidouts but i literally had like 2-3 strands come out n that is craaazy...i didn't remember it working that fast..not to mention my hair was instantly soft..saleema ur products r awesome, i pray God's coninued blessings on u as u keep Him first and keep it comin! I see myself as a longterm customer. Thank u!
Bronx, NY

My hair was shedding a lot and I've tried couples of products to stop the shedding. That did not help. I hated washing my hair! When I tried hydratherma naturals I saw the difference as soon as I got out the shower. The shedding stopped after the FIRST use of your products (literally). I was so amazed. The Amino Plus Deep conditioning treatment, Daily growth lotion (saw result a week later) and the Follicle Invigorator are absolutely my favorite. I love the way the products smell. “One of a kind” products!!! LOVE THEM:))
Philadelphia, PA