Nourish your hair with the perfect balance.


Are the products for natural or relaxed hair types?

The products can be used on chemically processed and natural hair. The goal of the Hydratherma Naturals line is to balance the protein and moisture levels in the hair and all hair textures will benefit from this.

Where did the name Hydratherma come from?

"Hydra" is derived from the word hydro meaning water - which is the supreme form of moisture. All of the Hydratherma Naturals hair care products are water based, excluding the hair oil which contains no water. Therma is derived from the word heat. With all of our conditioning treatments, we recommend that you use or Hydratherma Naturals Cordless Heating Cap or sit under the hood hair dryer for 10-20 minutes. This will allow for deeper penetration of the moisturizing and /or protein conditioning treatments into the hair shaft.

How should I store my Hydratherma Naturals Products?

You may store our products at room temperature. In extremely high temps, the daily moisturizing growth lotion may slightly liquefy. This does not change the product performance. The product may be refrigerated if you wish.

Are your products 100% natural?

Our products are natural based, meaning they contain many natural ingredients. They are not 100% natural. Some of our products do contain cleansing agents and preservatives. Preservatives will prolong the shelf life of the products and prevent bacterial and / or fungal growth. We use Germall Plus to preserve our products. We do not use parabens. Our products are safe to use for the entire family.

Are Hydratherma Naturals products tested on Animals?

No. Healthy Hair Journey Enterprises LLC does not test any of our products on animals and we pledge not to do so in the future.

Are Hydratherma Naturals products environmentally friendly?

Yes. We use recyclable bottles. We also recycle boxes and unused bottles.

How long do I have to use Hydratherma Naturals to see results?

If used as directed, you should see positive results in 4-6 weeks. Your hair will be softer, well moisturized and stronger.

Are Hydratherma Naturals products safe to use on children?

Definitely. The Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Product Collection can be used on children of any age.

I am Caucasian. Can I use these products or will these products weigh my hair down?

Yes. Our products were created for thirsty hair that is in need of moisture. Anyone can possess dry and over-processed hair. Therefore, Hydratherma Naturals Healthy Hair Care Products can be used on all hair types.

I have problems with my thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) and take medication for it. My hair is shedding. Will your product stop this?

If you have a medical condition, there may be other underlying problems which may prevent hair growth and cause shedding. Certain medications may cause hair shedding and impede hair growth. We suggest that you consult your physician.

I have locs. Can I use Hydratherma Hair Care Products?

Oh yes! Locked hair needs to be moisturized and deep conditioned also. Nothing looks better that locs which are beautiful, shiny and healthy.

Can I use Hydratherma Naturals if I wear hair extensions?

Yes. While wearing hair extensions it is extremely necessary to take care of our natural hair. A good moisturizing and deep conditioning regime should continue while wearing hair extensions to prevent breakage at the time of removal.