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Hydratherma Naturals Products for locs
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Hydratherma Naturals Loc'd Package- -SOLD OUT!

Item #: C4137
In Stock: YES

Includes everything that you need to keep your locs healthy, strong without product buildup:
  • Moisture Boosting Shampoo 8 oz. 
  • Foaming Sea Silk Curly Styler 8 oz. for curly styles or retwist
  • Botanical Defining Gel 8 oz. for retwist
  • Follicle Mist 4 oz. for added moisture 
  • Daily Moisturizing Growth Lotion 4 oz. Use on wash day for added moisture. A little goes a long way.
  • Hair Growth Oil 4 oz. Use as needed to seal in moisture

I love these curls & they aren't going anywhere anytime soon!                                                                                @Killadoesthat