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head wrap stuffer
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Head Wrap Stuffer- Large

Item #: C17
In Stock: YES
UPC: 852812003638

Achieve the perfect amount of volume underneath your headwrap with our exclusive headwrap stuffers.

ACCESSORY FOR ADDING VOLUME TO YOUR HEADWRAP: Use this headwrap stuffer to create volume for unlimited headwrap styles.

JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF VOLUME: Our new and improved, headwrap stuffer creates the perfect amount of volume without looking unnatural! Large sized with soft and fluffy fibers for extra comfort. Multi Tested for extra durability and strength.

DESIGNED BASED ON FEEDBACK: Our customers wanted something that is not too massive and bulky, so we have designed our volumizing scrunchie to be just the perfect size.

SHIPS FROM US: US Based and Fast Shipping.

Due to hygienic reasons all hijab scrunchies are final sale.

Achieve the perfect amount of volume underneath your head wrap with our exclusive head wrap stuffers.

Place the Head Wrap Stuffer under your head wrap and style your head wrap as usual for added volume.

How to use video: HERE



The best way to add volume to your hear wrap styles! It is a must have if you are a head wrap lover!

Saleemah Cartwright- Hydratherma Naturals CEO